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One of my bridesmaids recently dropped out. She's in a tough place financially and recently moved far away so she couldn't do all of the bridesmaid activities.  I already have a friend in mind to replace her, but my question is, how do you ask someone else to be a bridesmaid when they already knew I had everyone picked??  I don't want friend to think she's just a back up plan. Has anyone else gone through this??

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    I haven't had to do this, but I would say just be honest with her, since she already knows you picked someone else, so there's no way to hide that. I would keep it simple. Tell her another girl had to step down, and that you're happy that decision ultimately means you get to include her. Hopefully she'll be gracious, but I would leave the door open for her to say no if you think she might be offended rather than flattered.

    That being said, I would only ask her if she really is a close friend and someone you want up there with you -- not just someone to fill the spot, because then she will feel like a backup plan. If you're just doing it to even out the wedding attendents, I say just leave them uneven.

    Good luck!

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