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Rhode Island

question on a venue?!

Hello i was thinking about having my wedding/reception at the coast guard house in narragansett i was wondering if anyones been to or known of a reception being held there and if its a good place?

Re: question on a venue?!

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    My aunt and uncle had theirs there, I think in 2002? I thought it was beautiful, and the food was good. It was in the afternoon and they did both ceremony and reception there.

    It was small though - less than 40 people - I am assuming they can accomodate more, but you might have to talk to them about WHEN because I'd assume they aren't going to close it on a Saturday in the summer.
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    We got married there in 2006.  At the time the wedding had to be finished in the dining room by 4 pm on Saturday.  You had the option of moving dancing upstairs into a lounge.  We chose not to, but it would have been fine. 

    We had 70 guests.  Their minimum was 75, so we paid for 5 extra meals and they wrapped them to-go, which was great for us- as we are a Second Wedding couple and had 2 kids and an elderly parent to feed over the next couple of days.  The location can hold probably up to 100, not much more comfortably.

    The dancing is seperate from the dining room- which we liked, so that conversations could take place.  The dining room is L shaped, but we put our sweetheart table in the corner and it was fine. 

    In 2006 their prices were unbeatable, and the food was great-- but we've gone to the restaurant since they renovated and the food was not as good and the prices were higher and a la carte. 

    Our guests were so thrilled with the location.  We live in central MA but have a house in Narragansett, so many of the guests were not familiar with the location.  They raved about how gorgeous the view was.  The guys ended up smoking cigars out on the rocks- having a grand time of it.  

    We loved the Coast Guard House for our reception.  Good luck!  ~Donna 
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    When I was looking into wedding venues I did take a look at the Coast Guard House. The food is delicious. But because I was looking between 180-200 people they refered me to the "towers" I heard it is very beautiful, but someone I know who got married there, told me that the dance floor was on the opposite side of the room you were eating in and there was a curfew. So you may want to check into all that if you get referred to the towers depending on how many people you have. Goodluck ! Laughing

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