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Teeth whitening

Ive been using Colgate Optic white for about a month and its worked some, but still not getting results i need. Anyone have ideas for whitening that will get very good results without making my teeth sensitive?? Id hate not having white teeth for my wedding

Re: Teeth whitening

  • I used the Crest White Strips 7 day treatment and found they made my teeth terribly sensitive. I did the Rembrant 2h whitening (only 3/4 sessions) and it worked great! My teeth were whiter and I stopped as soon as I felt a tiny bit of sensitivity. I have no idea if it will be the same for you.
  • I second using Crest Whitestrips. I have been using them off and on for 10 years and get compliments ALL THE TIME.
  • Thanx! and cwaggoner07 we have the same wedding day lol
  • Yay wedding twins! Don't ask any questions on timing because I am so behind on everything haha.
  • As for wanting white teeth for your big day, if you have the funds to splurge (~$250), go see your dentist, they can make custom bleach trays that you will have forever, and bleach percentages that will not cause the sensitivity like OTC ones do at times. Plus you will max results in a much shorter time frame. (I am a dental asst, applying to dental school next month, so I have done my share of sampling). 

    If you are having sensitiving with the OTC types, go every other day and use a sensitivity toothpaste (like sensodyne) to help ease the sensitivity. It may take twice as long, but the sensitivity will be less likely. 

    Good luck! My story of OTC strips didnt go so well! I was trying to test them out for a round and it ended up that I sneezed unexpectedly, and the lower strip went flying across the room. Never again did I attempt to use them! I went to work and made new bleach trays! So now if I need to touch up, I just get a couple tubes and within a few days Im back to my bright smile! 
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