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Hi all!   So ever since I got engaged, keeps popping up as my main ad on facebook.  Of course I joined, flagged my favorite dresses, and added my bridesmaids to the site so they could rank their favorites.    I basically said they could get any Alfred sund dress in Dupioni fabric that is ivy.  They are all concerned about ordering online, however, and would like to try on the dresses if they can.   I have done some searching and have only found 2 locations for these dresses, and they don't even have all the styles.  They are the Bridal Superstore on 82nd st and Nancy's Bridal on 86th st.   Does anyone else know of any other bridal stores that may have these dresses??   I really want to be able to find some more places so my bridesmaids can try them on prior to ordering.  Thanks in advance for any input.

Re: Alfred Sung Bridesmaid dresses

  • My girls have Alfred Sung dresses in dupioni too. We checked them out at the Bridal Superstore and ordered them online through a store in Chicago that does online ordering, which made it easy for my girls.

    FYI, stores only carry one size of each style of dress. It really isn't necessary for each girl to try on the dress personally, unless she is like a size 6 or smaller.  Her measurements will suffice for ordering purposes.  Alfred Sung has a really specific sizing chart which will help the girls know which dress to order. I would say Alfred Sung runs on the tight side while still being TTS. 

    I did a lot of research into BM dresses and Alfred Sung is by MILES my favorite and the dupioni fabric is gorgeous.   

    For the record, I shopped at Nancy's too, and it's an adorable little store.  I ended up buying my gown at the Bridal Superstore. 
  • oh, and for the record, only my MOH tried on the gowns in advance. she is a size 4 so the sample was just a little big on her.  Your girls will be fine just getting their measurements taken and ordering that way.
  • I don't remember if it's through WeddingtonWay or Dessy Group (the Alfred Sung website), but you can pay $20 to try the dress in your own home. If you buy the dress, they apply the $20 to your order.

    We are also doing Alfred Sung, but I am using to order them because they are SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. This site is an authorized dealer that has a store in NY. They don't have discounts for ordering more dresses, but they save you 30% or more. The long ones that are $250 on Dessy or $216 on WeddingtonWay are $148 on this site.
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