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Looking for replacement Box for waterford crystal Flutes

I am looking for an original box for Waterford toasting flutes. Recently, a wedding facility threw away the box for these flutes at my sister's wedding which were a gift from my
 deceased aunt. As my sister and my aunt were close, she was distraught that this box was misplaced. I wanted to do something nice for her and try and locate this specific box. If you happen to have access to this box and are willing to part with it please contact me. I would be willing to purchase this box from you and I would cover any shipping
costs as well. If you are able to help out in regard to this issue I would be ever so grateful as it would make my sister happy as well. I know this seems like an arbitrary problem but I know my sister wanted to start a tradition of handing these flutes down from one generation to the next and it just seems right to have the box for them as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I appreciate any help you could offer.



Re: Looking for replacement Box for waterford crystal Flutes

  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    Could you perhaps find a new box that would fit the toasting flutes and have it engraved with their wedding date.  Then each other couple to use them could get the box engraved, so that all the family members who have used these flutes would be indicated on the box?
  • Check out any of your local stores that carry Waterford Toasting Flutes to see if they have any display boxes, or if they can put you on a list to be contacted when they do a new Wateford display. I know at my store, when we do the displays, we don't keep the boxes and would be more than happy to give them away.
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