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Just wanted to throw this out there as well. If you are looking for a great rehearsal dinner location, check out Luigi's Pizzeria. It is on the Nevada side, on Kingsbury grade (about 1 mile from stateline).
I had my wedding rehearsal dinner  there and OMG, what a great choice!!! I was getting frustrated because everywhere I looked into in SLT was super expensive. Most restaurants have a special banquet you have to use (for more $$). Even the Pizza places in Tahoe charge extra for such a large group. AND most of them charge anywere from $200-$300 to use their space. 

Luigi's let us take up the whole restaurant and didn't charge for using the space. They posted a sign ahead of time that the main part of the restaurant would be closed for a private event, and then they only kept the bar area open for the public to come pick up pizzas etc.
The pizza was fantastic, and they had a great selection of wine (particularly the chardonnay..we were all raving about it). But most importantly, the service was great. They were all just so incredibly nice and down to earth. They had pizzas waiting for us when we got there, then quickly came around to each table and took our orders. Everyone was so happy with the food and the welcoming feel and to top it all off...we probably spent about 1/2 as much as we would have if we'd gone w/ any other venue in South Lake Tahoe.

Re: Rehearsal Dinner - Luigi's Pizzeria

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    Thanks for letting us know.
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