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Introducing myself and my color scheme dilemma.

Hi Everyone
My name is Sarah and I am a Bride -to- Be :).Im from maryland and really excited to be planning this! We got engaged on Christmas eve after nearly six years of dating. I am 22 and he is 25. We both graduated last summer, and are ready to move forward and make it official. We were planning on possibly having the wedding October of 2013, but decided with our demanding jobs that may be to soon. We arent big fans of winter weddings so we decided March it is!

My dilemma with the color scheme is we are planning on having our ceremony and reception at the same place. Its a stunning cabin with gorgeous interior. All of the decorative beams, stone wall, and wood work gives the place a very cozy feeling and has tons of charm. With that being said Im having a very difficult time picking colors, that wont over shadow the natural beauty of the space. I was thinking maybe a darker shade of green, and chocolate but began to think it may make it too dull.  I thought maybe adding an orange color, or a dull pink may help the scheme and the i stumbled across to wasabi and tangerine combo on here and adore it!; unfortunately even with adding brown I am not sure if it would be a good fit with the cabin : / .

any ideas??

Im excited to now be a part of this board and helping each other thru this planning journey!

Re: Introducing myself and my color scheme dilemma.

  • What color do you just LOVE. My favorite color is red. However, my FH thinks it's played out. So, red is out.

    It sounds like the venue may be a little dark. If so, I'd use color!! I think the wasabi/tangerine color scheme would really play up the natural colors of the cabin. Personally, I wouldn't use brown because it may just blend in. If you want to use a third color, maybe do a light aqua blue or even ivory.
  • Welcome and congratulations!  

    I think the wasabi/tangerine combination sounds great!  Like chillyk said, brown may just blend in with the colors of your venue.  I think either a crisp white or a cream color would complement it nicely.  
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  • I agree with the above posts about not using brown. Love the tangerine/wasabi theme. The venue sounds really beautiful and I think these colors would work well
  • Hello & congratulations, fellow March  '14 bride!  :)

    While getting ideas on colors for my wedding, I looked through different combinations on bridesmaid dresses on That way I could view and compare how two or three colors actually compared to one another. I picked a dress that had a main color and a sash that came in a different color - like this one.

    They also have color swatches from Pantone available to purchase with a little booklet, that way you can see four colors or so together in your cart.

    Hope this helps you, at least a little.
  • I think fern and moss green tones and champagne/ivory would be lovely.  On etsy there is a candy shop called Andies Candies.  They have fern frond candies, mushroom candies, acorn candies - I think an Enchanted Forest theme would be awesome for a cake.  Maybe have the base of the cake resemble a log (subtly) with lichen, faux boise frosting....add the fern fronds and mushroom along the bottom...use owls as toppers?

    You could use moss, ivy, mushrooms, and ferns for the decor, with ivory candles and make 'lightening bug' jars with glow stick and glitter (see pinterest for 'how to' on this) ....and add to these decor elements faux butterflies and dragonflies on wire, owl candles for whimsical touches on accent tables (like near the bar).  I'd use a lot of lanterns in the exterior, maybe have luminaries line the path on both sides leading to the cabin.  Lots and lots of tealights in the windows (maybe battery operated) with old-gold mercury glass or moss green glass holders.  Basically have light, and greens/moss for decor vs. tons of flowers.

    You could have your maids carry lanterns with ivy and fern fronds, with champagne satin ribbons, instead of flowers. 

    Have 'log cabin/cedarwood' scented candles as favors.  Or owl shaped holiday ornaments...or windchimes... or small baggies of trail mix with moss green bows. 

    You could use moss green velvet sashes to accent the dresses, and do them in ivory/tea-stained lace.  (I'm totally digging a cabin/forest theme now)

    Hope my ideas have helped?
    Have fun! Good luck!
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