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Jewish Weddings

Yamaka - how many to order?

We are having around 150 guests and over half of them are Jewish. How many yamaka's should I order and any reccomendations on where to order them? Also, did you order nicer ones for the wedding party and cheaper ones for the guests?


Re: Yamaka - how many to order?

  • edited December 2011

    I will be having around 125 people at my wedding. only half of which will be jewish, and it will probably be about 50-50 men and women which gives me about 30-40 people who would most likely want one. Some sites have a minimum, this one is 60+


    for a wedding of 150 I would say 70-90 just to be safe.

    you can find a lot of different sites by just googling wedding Yamaka or Kipah, also try different spellings.

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