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Tons of GRAY and YELLOW wedding decor - all must go! (including branches and apothecary jars) - Gara

Everything must go! TONS of gray and yellow wedding décor (table runners, Manzanita and mitsumata branches, charms, picture frames for tables, apothecary jars, paper lanterns, program baskets, shepard hooks, and more!

Friday, July 29 and Saturday, July 30 at 1011 Moores River Drive, Lansing, MI 48910. Open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

More Details:

I am selling all of my wedding stuff from our beautiful gray and yellow wedding! All decorations were a huge hit and everything must go! For things without a price, please name your price and I will let you know.

Table Runners
16 floral @ 10" X 99" (8ft 3in long) - $10 each
16 gray @ 10" X 101" (8ft 5in long) - $10 each
6 gray (cocktail table) @ 10" X 70" - $5 each
1 floral (head table) @ 10" X 27'1" (27ft 1in long) - $30

$8 per white Manzanita branch
2 for $8 for white Mitsumata branches
Can get approximate number of branches if interested. I had 29 tables but I used natural branches on many of them.


We had beautiful charms hanging from our branches. This is the count from the time of the wedding, but I am sure some got lost in the decorating/tear down process. Let me know if you are interested and I will count them.

14 Icicle (from chandelier)

14 circle (from chandelier)

9 teardrop (from chandelier)

40-50 teardrop small (5 packs of 10)

50-100 circle small

9 octagon


Selling charms on branches, too. Need to count up final number and size of charms and will post price.

Picture Frames
9 packages of 4 frames each, for a total of 36 frames
Frames fit 4x6 picture
I paid $5 for each package, but would be willing to sell them for $2.5 for the opened packages of 4 and $3 for the unopened packages of 4

Apothecary Jars
$15 for large (I paid $30), $10 for medium (I paid $20) and $5 for small (I paid $10)
Most of the large ones are gone

Small, medium, and large dark gray, sunshine yellow, and off-white lanterns
Will get approximate count and prices soon

2 mustard yellow baskets for programs/misc. Selling for $5 each - I paid $10 each

Sweet Love sign
I also have a Sweet Love sign that we placed on the candy table. If you are doing a gray and yellow table, you can have this for free (as long as you pay for the shipping).

Re: Tons of GRAY and YELLOW wedding decor - all must go! (including branches and apothecary jars) - Gara

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