DIY Flowers Fake or Real?

I am being indecisive about the flowers. Everything will have to be DIY due to budget constraints, but should I go with real or fake? I found ribbon flowers from Martha Stewart ( ) and I love the look, but then I lose on the pretty smelling flowers… to do the real flowers though we would have to make them the day before and keep them fresh which I am worried about, it would only be roses and baby’s breath, but I think I would be too worried about the flowers to relax… My sister told me I need to stop “micro managing” and let someone else handle the flowers… but who would I ask (Mom passed away) and who to trust?!  Anyone who has or is DIYing the flowers if you could give me some tips of the pros and cons that you dealt with I would appreciate it!

Re: DIY Flowers Fake or Real?

  • I did my own centerpieces, but ordered the 20 piece white rose wedding package from for $399. I ordered bulk flowers from Costco for the centerpieces, got 80 stems of white Asiatic lillies, 96 stems of white vendella roses, and 2 large bunches of baby's breath for $173.

    I made 10 centerpieces the morning before the wedding. I took them to the rehearsal (chapel was at the same park as the banquet venue), and left them there. As long as your flowers have water, roses and baby's breath will survive. I picked the bulk flowers up from Costco on the Wednesday before the wedding, made the centerpieces on Friday morning, and they were still lovely for the wedding...........heck, they lasted another week after that!

    If you don't know how to arrange flowers, ask around amongst friends and family. I've had a garden for over 20 years, and arranged my own flowers from my garden. I'm sure there are older family members, or Moms of friends who could help.

    Good luck.
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    If you don't know what you're doing, then I'd opt for real flowers. It's hard to make them look bad. Get white roses and baby's breath at the supermarket and try your hand at it. My friend got the Costco white rose package and didn't have a clue what to do. She got vases at the dollar store and some clear marbles and they were lovely.
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