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Good Morning!

I am off on this Good Friday but of course woke up super early.  I have some food deliveries coming in so it's for the best.  One already came and I have one more to go.  My husband and I plan a quiet day, perhaps a trip to the movie theatre and a late lunch/early dinner out. 

I have to find out what my family is planning for this Easter weekend, but other than that, I am just chillaxin'!

Are any of you ladies off today?  Any plans for the holiday weekend?  What about wedding related things?

Have a great day!!
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Re: Good Morning!

  • Good morning! Happy Friday! 
    I'm at work today - swamped so I hope the day goes quickly. Your day off sounds lovely! 

    Tomorrow is FIs birthday and he's requested a low key day. We'll probably go to a movie and dinner just the two of us. If he's up to it, maybe we'll go to the sugar shack too because the weather is perfect for sap flow! We'll have Easter celebrations on Sunday with FIs family and all of his 9 nieces and nephews. Should be fun!

    Have a great day!
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  • Morning ladies!! Luckily I have every Friday off but I work 10 hour days the rest of the week. Seems like we all have the same idea, movie weekend!! We are going to go to GI Joe Retaliation tonight! 

    Today I am going to go get my massage yay much needed! Return my last double gift from the bridal shower and scan all my translated documents in. I am just not sure what to scan and what not so I am going to scan it all. Its in Spanish so not even sure what it says lol. Happy Friday!!! 
  • Well, I'm totally jealous of all of you. I am definitely working today and swamped!

    Got too much to do. It was a rough week for me considering I had gotten a cold and lost my voice, plus I was having difficult with microsoft. 

    But things are finally getting together. 
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  • Kate- that sounds like a lot of fun!  We have no more children left in the family, that is until I start having children and (when they get older) my sisters/brother start, lol!

    Meg- We saw GI Joe too!  It was really good :-)

    Terri- I hope things keep getting better, sucks to be sick and have other issues on top of it to deal with :-(
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