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Getting in Shape

Pre-wedding panic

I woke up the other day, realized there are four months until the wedding and I have about 30 lbs to lose. WHY didn't i start three months earlier???
I'm trying to stay calm, doing Jenny Craig, working out a little more, but I know myself, and I get off track easily. I do not want to feel bad about myself on my wedding day!!

Any positive advice for staying calm, and on track?

Re: Pre-wedding panic

  • Stressing will only release cortisol and will make your body hang on to the fat, if not even accumulate it. Evaluate your goals carefully and start small. Think of this as a path to getting healthy for a lifetime, not a sprint to the wedding. Do you actually have 30 pounds to lose? Or is x-30 just a number you wish to see on the scale? Don't obsess over the scale but instead use other means of gauging your progress - how you feel, how your clothes fit, how you look in the mirror. 

    Remember that you don't get healthy by losing weight. You lose weight by getting healthy. So eat smart, work out smart, treat your body smart (good sleep, reduce stress) and the rest will resolve itself.
  • Don't be too hard on yourself and have realistic expectations that you may not be able to lose 30lbs in that amount of time.

    As a side note, no one here is going to recommend a program like Jenny Craig which is not long-term sustainable unless you want to eat her overly-processed fake food for the rest of your life.

    Come hang out on the accountability threads here, you may pick up a few good ideas.
  • Thanks guys!! THis is great advice: Remember that you don't get healthy by losing weight. You lose weight by getting healthy.
    I'm mostly using JC for the breakfast and lunch meals to keep at work, on days when I am rushing and don't make breakfast or lunch (to avoid ordering or buying a bagel). My goal is to prepare most of the meals myself.

    This morning, as I was saying "30 lbs" i then said, let's get through this week eating healthy. And then scaled it back to "let's get through today on track"

    so far, so good. :)

    I'm going to hang on here more, so I hope to cheer you guys on as well!!

  • Hello! Believe it or not four months is longer than you think! I am commenting on how to get you on track! I posted earlier today but I will retype it for you personally. I am in the health and fitness industry and my company just came out with a new, REVOLUTIONARY weight management system! It starts out as a 90-day challenge but continues afterwards! I think with this program in four months you can hit your goal! What makes me so sure is that this program is personalized based on YOUR GENETICS! This information allows you to be on the right diet and exercise plan based on the way YOUR body handles fats, proteins, and carbs! So far people on the teams have lost an average of 5lbs the first week and between 10-12 the first two weeks! With this progress by the end of the 3-month challenge you will be where you want! We have so much faith in this that if you re not satisfied we offer a 180-day 100% money back guarantee! If you are interested in joining my team let me know and I can give you more information! This program works as a team so we will motivate each other! Hope to talk to you soon!
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