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Have pictures after wedding by different photographer???

I was very disappointed with our wedding pics.  I picked this gorgeous venue, Ranch/Winery, because I really was hoping for some amazing photos.   There were a few okay ones of us, but I was looking forward to the art of it.  I mean, you can't even tell we were at a winery, let alone a ranch.  Would it be weird for us to take pictures in a month or so, I don't want to get back in our wedding clothes or anything, since that day is over.  But I was thinking of wearing a cute white dress and having my husband dress a lil nice and having another photographer go and do a session at the place of our wedding.. What are your thought??

Re: Have pictures after wedding by different photographer???

  • What you're thinking of is often called a "Wear it One More Time" or "Trash the Dress" session. New-wives actually *do* wear their wedding dress again. Sometimes the husband will dress up too, but usually he's in a more casual look. Some couples go to the beach (and into the ocean), a park, a horse barn, downtown in a city, or any other place. 

    If you can afford it and your husband is in agreement, I think it's a great idea! Whether you wear your dress again or not is up to you. Don't forget to check out your local board for photographer suggestions!
  • So its not too strange huh? Lol  My husband knows I wasn't too happy about them, but we do have  a few of US that look nice, just not what I was looking for...  I acually have a photographer friend who said she'd do a session for us for a cheap price, and she does AMAZING work!!!  Her photos are like art.  I know she would capture the beauty of the vineyard I was looking for...  :)  The putting on my wedding dress is the one part I am unsure of... 
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    We did them (see siggy pic below) about 2 years after we were married.  I had always wanted to do what is commonly called here a "Bride and Groom session" but figured DH wouldn't go for it.  (I was very happy with our wedding pics, I just wanted to wear my dress again).  But we had an opportunity to do a session with a photographer who was mentoring a new photographer and needed "models." 

    Normally a B&G session is done within the first year of marriage and you wear your wedding dress (minus the veil) and your husband wears a regular suit (which is what my DH wore).  It is not unheard of at all and is actually very popular here in Dallas.  Trash the Dress is a bit different in that in that case, you don't worry about preserving your dress and thus can do pics in the water, mud, etc.  I wore my hair different for our B&G pics and also wore different jewelry.

    If you had a chance to do it, I think it would be totally fine.
  • I was thinking that, but my husband doesn't want us to get all dressed up again...  I wouldn't mind it, but just may feel kind of weird... BUT I did LOVE my dress...  I didn't want to take it off... LOL I'm glad that other people do this... I was thinking it was kind of weird..  :)
  • It's done for lots of reasons:  a chance to wear your dress again but without the nervousness of the wedding day; to makeup for shots you might have missed on the wedding day; to do something more artsy without worrying about protecting your dress; or to simply have more shots in your wedding attire in case you were rushed on the wedding day, etc.

    Doing a regular photo shoot at the venue is a nice idea also.  There are no rules.
  • What you are actually looking for is called a "Do OVer" session. You both get all dressed up in your dress and tux/shoot and do your portraits again where you want. Alot of times if you had it at a venue they will let you use the grounds again. Or find an amazing spot and redo your portraits. You can do a trash the dress but if you do it probably won't be wearable for your daughter if you wanted to save it. 
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