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The DJ Crew vs Beach Boyz Entertainment

Just wondering if anyone knows the price for either of these DJ Companies.  They dont have pricing info on either of their websites, and I really dont feel like going to an open house on Wednesday for teh Beach Boyz, if they are super expensive and vis versa with the DJ Crew.  Any info on either would be helpful!!

Re: The DJ Crew vs Beach Boyz Entertainment

  • The DJ Crew is a little over a grand (for a saturday wedding) But they give you an opportunity to cut the price in half!!!

    I booked them for my September 2013 wedding and I'm super excited to have them!

    The DJ Crew is the best of the best! Ive been to a few of their weedings they dj-ed at and it was non stop! (in a good way) They keep the party alive for as long as you want! Plus you can pretty much plan your entire reception online! Its so convenient!

    If you mention my name Kyra Sodergren you will receive $50.00 off!!

    And REMEMBER, a DJ can make or break your reception!

    Good Luck!
  • I was in the same place and went with Beach Boyz. I felt like they were more professional and not as intense to try to get a sale. Prices were pretty comparable.
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