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March 2014 Weddings

March 29th, Lost Deposit!

I just found out that the guy in charge of the catering and reserving the ballroom took everybody's deposit and skipped town - leaving me short a ceremony space and 400 dollars. I am a mess, our budget is only 10k and the hotel will not give us our money back. What to do...

Re: March 29th, Lost Deposit!

  • Did you pay in cash, check, or credit card?  If you paid with cc, you can call them and explain and deny the charges.

    If you paid in check, I'd call the back about that - maybe they can cancel the check for a small fee.  If it's long since been deposited, or you paid in cash, I'd then call a lawyer.

    If you already called a lawyer, and know you have no legal recourse, I'd speak to other venues and explain candidly what happened. Also your hotel, same thing.  Just explain.

    Good luck, sounds awful, so sorry!

  • SDNYSDNY member
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    Ella and Pedro gave good advice, so ditto that. Is the hotel part of a chain? Can you contact corporate vs. the local hotel manager and see if there are remedies? Was there a contract and if so, what does it say about refunds, and/or court/mediation?

    Also, I'm so sorry. That royally sucks! 
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