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4th of July Wedding in Big Bear

My fiance and I are planning a backyard wedding July 4, 2014 at our family's home in Big Bear (we are obsessed with patriotism and fireworks).  We are starting from scratch and live in Boston so this is a destination wedding.  We are used to Boston where everything can be bought for a price.  Are caterers in Big Bear even available on the 4th?  We are looking for recommendations for vendors, catering and photographers especially.  We are definitely on a budget, but want to make the day super special.  Is this even feasible on a holiday?  Do we continute planning or admit defeat due to our "perfect for us" holiday wedding date?

Re: 4th of July Wedding in Big Bear

  • Hi!

    I totally think it is doable.  Despite it being a busy holiday, I would consider to just ask the caterer's if they are available. I am sure they get the requests all the time.  

    I'll send you a private message with some vendors that we are using, and hopefully they could help =)

    Happy Planning!
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    I work for a venue up in Arrowhead, close to Big Bear.  I'll also PM you their info so you can contact them to see if they're available on that day.  They also work with all the local vendors so it's kind of nice to have them contact everyone for you.
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