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Really having a tough time deciding...

I keep going back and forth between having a dj or a band. The band I'd be going with is far from traditional they play pop music with a rock edge and 80s/90s rock. I like the idea of having a rock band and it being almost show-like (my fiance and I are not into top 40s type music so it would be a way to control that). My concerns are that they don't really play any slow songs (father/daughter dance and mother/son dance are my concerns), I could play a few recorded versions, but is it worth spending the money on a band if my first 3 songs are going to be recorded versions? Do you think it's important to have slow songs in there? My concerns with a DJ is that it always seems no matter what you put on your do not play list there's always music you don't like or they play anyway. 

Re: Really having a tough time deciding...

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    There's no rule that says the special dances need to be slow. You can probably find appropriate songs from that genre that aren't too fast. Not to mention any rock band worth its salt should be able to play rock ballads if asked. I would go with the band.
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  • They do have some options for instance simple man could be mother/son dance  and they do a rock version of ben e. kings stand by me that i think i could use for my dad and i

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    I love Stand By Me, I think that would be a fabulous FD dance!
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  • I love live bands and if we could have found one at a reasonable price we would have gone that route.  I think starting off with recorded songs and then bringing the band out after dinner would be a lot of fun.  Any wedding i've been too with a live band they have always taken a break at some point so there will be recorded music at some point. 

  • I love the feel of live bands. If it is a good venue and a small enough could i think it would be great. Usually when there is live music there is also recorded music. They cant be expected to play the entire night. They need breaks, During the breaks the other songs you want can be played.
  • I sent them an e-mail. They seem really accommodating, they're willing to learn a couple slower songs before the wedding and they said they could play recorded ones too if I'd like. I'm really liking the idea of them :) 

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