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Maid of Honor Gift Ideas

Hi Everyone,

My maid of honor is very hard to shop for. I want to get her an amazing gift that not only shows how much I appreciate all of the help she has given me for my wedding/shower, but also something that shows her how much I love her as a best friend. We have been friends since middle school and have managed to stay in each others lives through moves to different states, etc.

Do any of you have any unique gift ideas that I could possibly use?


Re: Maid of Honor Gift Ideas

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    I have no idea b/c I have never met her, so I have no clue what kinds of things she likes. 

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  • Etsy Etsy Etsy. You can find anything. Monogrammed necklace.. tote.. hat.. robe.. clutch.. jewelry or scarves, wine glasses, cutting board. A lot of these things can be personalized but are functional and useful.
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