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Worst wedding food you've had

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What's the worst wedding food you've ever eaten - or NOT eaten?

We recently attended a wedding that had a buffet where we were served a quarter of a chicken breast, a small scoop of mashed potatoes, and a small scoop of corn. It was maybe a cup of food and it wasn't very good - or filling. When we went up for seconds (after everyone had gone through the line), they informed us that only wedding party members could have seconds.

Re: Worst wedding food you've had

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I would have to say brisket. And not that it wasn't good. It's just that I was starting to wonder if Texans knew there were other meats that are available in the universe. Every wedding, event, and many holiday dinners I attended while living there had brisket for dinner.
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  • The bride had her MIL hand-make all of the food for the 100+ guests. She rushed through making all of it the night before the wedding, so what we were eating was reheated, day-old food. It tasted like it.
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  • Worst: "snacks" during meal time (I think veggie trays and trail mix)

    Best: a friend's H is Puerto Rican and his mom made all the food for about 130 people. I still have good dreams... Yum!!

    @zobird - what you were served sounds like a hospital cafeteria.

  • Really, really dry chicken. I don't know how they made it that dry without burning it. We went out to eat after.
  • @zobird, wow, that is truly awful. That should go in a post about worst wedding hosts. This whole idea of the wedding party getting different/better/more food or drinks is new to me. It may even replace inviting people to the shower and not the wedding as my least favorite wedding practice.
  • Cheese and salsa dip that was obviously sitting out in the hot July sun during the 4 hour gap.
  • FI's cousin's wedding.

    Like 20 different stations during cocktail hour - all vomit worthy. 

    Salad tasted like it had been tossed in reduced cherry cola soda. Complete with canned mandarin oranges, canned black olives, canned hearts of palm and canned artichoke hearts. Topped with some sort of disgusting puff pastry.

    I had the vegetarian option entree which was over salted (and I love salt) and very weird. The meat dishes all looked grey. 

    Dessert seemed to be composed entirely of splenda (blechk), and the wedding cake was served by one of the waiters with his hands. 
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  • A piece of streak that was still bleeding and a piece of fried chicken covered in ham and swiss cheese that they called chicken osso bucco (it was a sin because it was an Italian wedding).
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  • I went to a wedding for a friend at a hilton I told them I was vegan ( I'm a lactose intolerant vegetarian but it was easier to say vegan) So I got a plate of pasta with a red pepper sauce, it was so uncreative and the one vegetable I hate are peppers.


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    I totally agree.  I live in Texas and still haven't dared to try it.

    I didn't try the prime rib at FSIL's wedding, and that was the only meat.  I'm not into meat, really, and certainly not prime rib.


    Edited: I agree about the brisket.  Didn't "reply" the way I thought it would...

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  • RebeccaB88RebeccaB88 Figment of Your Imagination member
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    Worst wedding food had to be NO food.  Or the one in July when it was 100 degrees out and the church basement where the reception was wasn't air conditioned and the cake melted and slid off onto the table. Church ladies just picked it up and plopped it back together. (Same bride who tongue-kissed at the altar.)

    I have paid large amounts of money to attend charity fundraisers where the food either was almost completely inedible, ran out before half the guests had eaten and the venue refused to help fix the problem, and gave me an allergic reaction because the servers didn't speak enough English to understand what I was asking them.
  • My worst?  A potluck.
  • The ceremony was two hours late because the photographer was stuck in holiday traffic. They put out what I assume was meant for the cocktail hour, samosas which were decent but not enough. "Dinner" was a taco truck. It ran out before everyone realized that was in fact the meal, so not everyone got to eat.
  • ViczaesarViczaesar Central Coast, CA member
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    My cousin's potluck wedding.  There was little to no actual, filling food and a bizarre assortment of sides, and not nearly enough food for everyone.

  • @RetreadBride-That's awful!   My stomach is getting upset just thinking about that cake!  Then again, mint makes me nauseous.  I'd be so pissed at the baker.

    I'm glad your mom enjoyed it!  What a lovely surprise for her!

  • @zobird: OP sounds like a school lunch! Did they think all their guests needed to go on diets?! Sheesh.
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  • gmcr78gmcr78 member
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    I went to a wedding a few years ago where there were food "stations" and not nearly enough for the number of people there.  All the stations were being cleaned out by people hoarding whatever food they could get their hands on.

    I didn't enjoy the food at my sister's wedding (although it was beautiful and I'm sure very pricy).  It was a weird steak type thing with way too many carrots.  I left probably 2/3 of it on the plate.  The cake was something citrus-y and I didn't care for that either.

  • mcda04mcda04 member
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    Worst: Raw chicken. It was a plated dinner with some sort of rotisserie chicken but when i cut mine, it was bleeding. So gross. I had fries and chips, it was an afternoon wedding so my husband and I went to dinner right after.
  • Dry chicken with spaghetti noodles that had no sauce.. Finished off with a red velvet cake so dry that it was almost crunchy. And the fondant frosting tasted like spoiled milk. This was also a PPD, with an outdoor ceremony in the middle of October (it was like 50 degrees that day) Fun times.
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  • Yeah, wittykitty, I hope she fries in Etiquette Hell.  We paid her $300 for that cake, and we were teenagers.  I didn't live at home and was supporting myself, so that was a lot of money.

    She enjoyed it, though, and talked about it all the time until she passed away.

    Edited to add:  she had her first round of breast cancer in 1970, too, when nobody talked about it.  I remember her saying some of the women in treatment were so surprised that her husband was with her.  Theirs didn't come to their treatments, and a couple of the wives' husbands had left them.
    My heart just broke a little reading this. I'm so glad your mom enjoyed it all, though.
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  • We went to a wedding at a meal time that essentially had appetizers.  There wasn't much on the 'buffet' that I could eat.  By the time it was actually our turn, half of it was gone.  I think I got a tiny ham sandwich and a couple pieces of celery.  FI barely got to eat anything either.  A few drinks later, we happily hit up a McDonalds drive thru on the way home.

    I once went to a wedding where the main protein was wrapped in bacon.  It was so overcooked that I honestly wasn't sure if it was beef or pork that had been marinated or something. But really, compared to some of these other stories, we got off easy.

  • My FI went to what his family refers to as "the most redneck wedding you'll ever see".  It sounds like it was a shitstorm.

    Anyway, their food was a buffet of sketchy looking foods.  The worst part of that is that the guests were all getting their food with their HANDS.  Even stuff like mac n' cheese, they reached into the pan and plopped it on their plate.  Apparently the majority of the people were doing this.  Let's just say that my FI and his family left before eating, and went to eat at McDonalds.

  • We went to a wedding last summer that was held in the banquet hall of a restaurant. The food wasn't amazing, but it wasn't terrible. That is until FI noticed that 2 of his "pepper flakes" were moving. No one at our table finished our plates.
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  • I attended a Vegas wedding where I broke up a fight between the bride and groom the morning of the wedding and sewed the bridesmaid into her black dress... that was the good part.  Afterward all eight of us went out to dinner at a cheap Vegas buffet right before it closed so there was next to no food. Good thing too because everyone who ate the shrimp (including me) got really sick by the next day.
  • Most recently?  Salmon (warm), what looked like stuffed mushrooms but were actually cold (and soggy), tons of good fruit that was ruined but runny "sauce" from soggy mushrooms, and my fiance had something beef-like that was crunchy (but not well done).

    They had a free bar for the first two hours, but they spent so long taking pictures that the wedding party had to pay for their drinks.
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  • At my cousins PPD, they ran out of meat at the carving stations. So annoying. But at least FIs name was on my invitation. ..that got sent to my parents home.

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  • Chipmunk415Chipmunk415 at the corner of Wine Ave. and Margarita Ln. member
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    @Retread- I remember reading your story in the EHell Archives! I am so sorry for what happened, and as an amateur baker, I'm horrified that a person would be that horrible in making something so important!

    Bro's wedding had pretty good food overall. Was sideye-ing the cold asparagus, till I tasted it with the sauce- the peppers in the sauce made up for the lack of heat in the asparagus! They also had a coldseafood bar- I tried crab for the first time. I think next time I try something like that, it should be hot. No me gusta.  FI and I were lucky though- neither of us had oysters. BIL did, felt sick later, but apparently one guest had at least 5 and ended up in the ER later that night with severe GI problems. All it takes is one bad oyster...

  • when I was little at my aunt's wedding I ate a while handful of different kinds of cheese. It was so nasty I still don't like cheese to much :/ 
  • decembergrl2014decembergrl2014 NYC!!! member
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    My cousin's wedding a few years ago. It was in this freezing, rustic type place with room temperature, vegetarian food that looked like it was sitting out. Definitely not a happy memory!


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  • First wedding I was in they served sandwiches for the "dinner". I hadn't eaten since breakfast that day so was starving, and the little quarters of sandwiches just weren't enough. I probably ate about 5 whole sandwiches worth.

    Plus we were in the BFN (butt f&^$ nowhere - small small town that didn't have cell reception anywhere), so by the time the reception ended at 8, everything was closed. 
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