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Decline rate....


Re: Decline rate....

  • We invited 184.  I forget the exact number, but our yes' are in the 130-135 range.  We still have about 5 people we're not sure about, and I think a couple of them are planning on coming.
  • Invited 120 and expecting 88, which is good since our venue is kind of small :-P
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  • We ended up with about a 50% decline/acceptance rate. I hoped for more, but the hotel is being great and letting us add in other things to help us meet our minimum!!
  • We invited 156 and so far have 125! But we are still waiting for replies a week past the deadline. We started calling and asking. None of my college friends mailed back the RSVP but every one of them is going. And waiting still on my FI coworkers. Our minimum is 125 but not including kids. So we actually just need 4 more adults to meet it! We should by the end! We thought we would get between 130-140 so we are almost there. :) it's going to be fun!
  • I'm a little sad about our decline rate. invited 225. we finally have our final count after having to contact over 60 people who didn't respond and we have 125 coming, we were expecting closer to 170 so we're saving some $$ but a little disappointed about people not even attempting to change their work schedules, etc. to be able to make it.
  • I'm getting people who are calling or emailing to decline even after RSVPing yes. So now I have to change seating chart last minute, kinda frustrating.
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    Yep! I can relate - my grandma is now inviting random people just to ensure we make our 115 final count that we gave the vendor :\

    I get it - the day is just another day/event to everyone else but yeah, for one it's a bit hurtful for people to flippantly decline after RSVP'ing and also you pay per head in most cases and I think most people know that!

  • We invited 77 and ended up with 47 but I just know some tht didn't RSVP will end up going
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