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North Carolina-Outer Banks

OBX Kettle Corn

I really want to give popcorn as a favor since it's my fiance's favorite snack and who doesn't love a salty-sweet treat at the end of the night?  I noticed in other threads that a lot of brides have used OBX Kettle Corn, and I really like the idea of staying local (at one point I was thinking of ordering Garrett's from Chicago and bagging it myself- nightmare).  But, at $4 per bag that's pretty steep.  We're expecting 80 guests, and I was hoping for more in the $2 range for favors.  Anyone have any ides?

Re: OBX Kettle Corn

  • I'd probably bag myself - hopefully, someone else has a better idea for you!
  • You could always buy larger bags of kettle corn (if they offer it) and bag it yourself as Karistiz suggested. There was something called "Rum balls" sold in the OBX that I considered doing for favors but in the end, I made my own chocolate covered oreos (which ended up being more work and more time consuming) If you have the time, then go for it but as your time starts to run out, all the small things add up.. favors, aisle markers, decorations, etc. I think this is that rum ball company http://killdevilrumballs.com/   They were nice and they offered me a discounted price based on the amount of people for my wedding. I forget what the price was, but this is an option, too. For welcome bags we had Kelly's make us sweet potato biscuits that were bagged and had stickers on them saying they were from Kelly's, courtesy of my fiance and I. It was really cute. Sorry, I'm blathering on. Good luck in whatever you decide! 
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    I wanted to do kettle corn also but I am now using the OBX popcorn shoppe!  They sent me free samples in the mail and I loved it.  We are doing 100 bags of the pirates blend for about $245.  They have been totally responsive and they worked with me to design a sticker to put on the bag for free.  They are also doing our wedding colors in the pirate's blend!  I highly recommend using them and try a few of their flavors!  Their other flavors are wayyy better than the kettle corn flavor.  Good luck!
  • Thanks for the info on rumballs! They look yummy. I wanted to do something obx related for my favors - originally, my idea was duck donuts, but I couldn't figure out how to package them and still have them be fresh etc. Soo I'm thinking about getting those for the next morning instead. Rumballs might be a nice alternative. Going down in a couple of weeks for vacation, I'll be sure to stop by and taste.
  • No problem! Yeah, from what I could tell they don't actually have their own shop, but I think you can get them at The Good Life Gourmet or something. The places you can get them are listed on their website. I wanted to do something OBX related too, but my time just ran out (And money, too!) Lol. Good luck!
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