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Communion During the Ceremony?


Re: Communion During the Ceremony?

  • I'm not Catholic, and we take communion quite a few times a year at my church. It's a reminder of what Jesus did for you, and I really want to incorporate it into our ceremony as well. I think it would be a beautiful way to start our marriage-- remembering and thanking God for all He's done as we enter into our new phase of life together.
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  • monkeysipmonkeysip member
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    @ thejucheidea

    I understand what you mean now.  Thanks for clarifying.  And I agree with the sermon part.  Most religious weddings mention God in the context of marriage, but it's not meant to be a "get saved" kind of speech.  Hopefully that's not what OP is trying to do.

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    I'm Christian.  I've been to two funerals now for people in my fiance's family, and each time the minister goes on for a bit about Christianity, in a way that very much sounds like he is trying to convert people.  It very much feels like a "You are welcome to be baptized right here and now" kind of thing.

    Very awkward for me.  Especially since my fiance's immediate family are not Christian.  So then I feel like telling them "We aren't all pushy like this!" because I feel like the pushy preaching is a bad representation of being Christian.

    I'd feel the same at a wedding if it felt more like a sermon than a wedding.

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  • I don't think it's forcing people into your religion if you would like to have communion and would like to have your guests participate, but you HAVE to do it such a way that your guest don't feel like it's being forced on them. 

    My suggestion would be to have a table (or two) at the door with the packaged communion and the bible. Have a little card or sign by the communion simply explaining that the bride and groom will be taking communion during the ceremony and those who wish to participate can. Then have a little card next to the bible simply stating the bride and groom are wishing for guests to highlight words of wisdom (or favorite passages or however you want to word it).

    I think leaving things at the table (without ushers to direct quests) would allow guests to meander and choose what they want to do without feeling scrutinized or pressured.
  • Learned something new I didn't know about the prepackaged communion !

    Also consider putting some of your thoughts in the program also -

  • Most faiths don't allow open communion, so on a day that is meant to bring together two families, I wouldn't feel right about having a ritual that excludes any of my guests.
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