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  • rajahmdrajahmd Galifrey member
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  • And yet, I'm still here.

    If you're not going to delete my account as I have asked several times now, how about ya stop censoring my posts? Kthx.
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  • NYCMercedesNYCMercedes BOS, NYC, DC. Forever a city girl member
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    It's 5:03. End of their day. Still no answers from yesterday.
  • Harry87 said:
    Please. The ladies of TK wouldn't know cyber bullying if it hacked into their computers and posted their nudes.

    Seriously, an hour on Reddit would make your hair curl. This is just pathetic.
    This made me lol.
  • RebeccaB88RebeccaB88 Figment of Your Imagination member
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    xcalygrl said:

    An IP ban leaves posts intact. A name ban does not.
    So not only did they get banned, they got the biggest baddest banhammer in the shed.  Seriously?
  • Here's my two cents on what I see happening.

    People disagreed with Stage and Linger's approaches.  Fine, disagreements happen.  People got butt-hurt due to their own over-sensitivity (btw, I'm a very sensitive person, but I'm an adult.  I've gotten a bit of unpleasant feedback on here at times, but I take it like an adult.  I keep an open mind, and I'm better for it.  People need to grow up). 

    Some 40 ish people were upset with Linger and Stage's approach (it's an open forum, in case people didn't know), and then sent PMs to KJ and KP about them.  Now, the two of them are banned because some people can't handle them.  Does that about sum it up?

    What I find most interesting is that there have been several users on here that have pissed me the fuck off.  Some of them have since been banned, some of them not.  I could have done what these 40 have, and ran to our "higher ups", saying that I found them personally offensive.  But do you know why I didn't?  BECAUSE THOSE USERS NEVER VIOLATED THE TOS.  I knew that it was open on here, so I kept my mouth shut, and responded publically to these users when I felt it was necessary to call them out.  I don't recall Stage EVER violating the TOS, and I only remember Linger doing it once, and she knew what she was doing, and it was one of those threads where it was very justified (I think the fetus funeral fiasco, and there were a few people who openly violated the TOS)

    This is ridiculous, @KnotPorscha, @KnotJackie.

    And while I have your attention, I'm curious, and I want you to answer this question too.  Do YOU actually want them gone?  Or is this just an order from the Gods?  Who's really behind this?  With your non-sensical explanations, I'm starting to think that this decision came directly from above, not you.  I feel like if you two made this decision on your own, you'd be able to explain yourselves much better and stand by your convictions with logical arguments.

    NYCMercedesRebeccaB88PrettyGirlLostMiss Esa
  • Yeah I bet TheKnotJackie and TheKnotPorscha were behind the JFK assassination too! We want answers! We want the TRUTH! Why were people who openly mocked and ridiculed others on the boards banned for mocking and ridiculing others? Oh wait.

    Good one.
    [Deleted User]CrazyCatLady3NYCMercedes
  • Thanks PDKH! And I can't pick up on sarcasm AT ALL, so I appreciate the response :) I too will tell you "Good one"
    Good one again. ZING!
  • Oh boy, so now where going to go back and forth? Haha why is everyone sooo angry on this thread? You would think brides and brides to be talking about weddings would happy? By the way I picked up on the sarcasm again. ZING back at ya! Hey look at us acting like grown ups!
    I'm happy. Why aren't you?
  • Who decides what is respectful?
    [Deleted User]RebeccaB88PrettyGirlLostNYCMercedes
  • Oh ok! I'm happy too! I guess I don't understand why people are so upset? If The Knot wants to ban someone because they weren't being respectful of other people on the boards then that's their decision. I don't want to have to worry someone is going to start ripping me on here. This is a wedding message board, its not like we are talking heavy political topics, etc.
    Are you planning a PPD or a cash bar? I feel that since I can't speak my mind about it I should tell you those are both WONDERFUL ideas, and GO FOR IT! 
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    wittykitty14[Deleted User]PrettyGirlLostNYCMercedesRamonaFlowers
  • @LeSwan85, Yeah, that stuff is 100% true.

    Getting rid of the two top posters equals immediate shift of power in favor of the waffling and wavering KG's. 

  • I am more of a lurker.  I actually don't come here much anymore.

    I want to say though that if you people don't want honest advice then they should just go to their mom, sister, friend or whoever will tell them what they want to hear.  I have three kids and have been a member of a board in which we have watched each other raise our children via the internet.   I have known them since i was ttc my first child.  We have had heated discussions to breastfeeding, spanking don't spank, relationships, politics and more.    I come to them because I want honest honest opinions not the sugar coating.  Sometimes we just need to know the truth.   I hate to say but some of the brides that come here need a swift kick to understand what they are doing is wrong.   I am talking about things beyond  PPD and money dances.   I have never in all my life would have even thought of some of the things I have seen here.

    To punish those that have given HONEST opinions wth.  The came here for advice. I mean seriously its like a bad singer going on American idol and being told they are suck and then saying the judges are cruel..  If they don't want the advice they should leave.  Advice is advice you either take it or leave it.    As a lurker I quite enjoyed the posts of stage and linger. This was totally wrong.  It truly tells me that any boards associated with the knot, the bump or whatever are not places I would want to be a part of.
  • Maybe the fact that this is causing such an uproar on the boards would be a hint that this is not what the community wants. If we were all scared of stage and linger, wouldn't we just go on with our lives and be quietly grateful for the banning? I appreciated their advice. I am by no means a regular - I post occasionally but I learned a lot from the regulars here. I appreciate their honesty, however brutal it may be. I am personally sad to see them go and I know the boards will not be the same without them. It's a shame that some people who can't take honesty complained and ruined it for those of us who wanted real, non sugar coated advice. I, for one, know my wedding next year will be better because of the advice received from all of the regulars here.
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