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  • Just ordered my dress tonight. The Maggie Sottero Emma. I wasn't planning on buying anything, Mom was passing through town and we went to get an idea of what to look at. I'm wearing a 100+ year old necklace passed down through 4 generations and it was going to be that necklace that dictates the dress. It looks like that necklace was made for the dress!
  • Maggie Sottero Emma is beautiful.  I went dress shoppng for the first time this past weekend.  It was real interesting. t was hard to get an idea what some of the dresses would look like because I'm so tiny and the samples are so big.  I found or two I liked, I don't think I loved any of them yet.  I did like a lot Maggie Sottero Anniston. I'm going dress shopping again this weekend so we'll see.


  • I got mine in May! Claire Pettibone's Chantilly. I LOVE it! No clue how to accessorize/wear my hair for it though! 
  • AlexANT said:
    I got mine in May! Claire Pettibone's Chantilly. I LOVE it! No clue how to accessorize/wear my hair for it though! 
    beautiful love it go for a simple and elegant hair style that shows off that goregous back
  • Spartan89 said:
    I got my dress last month and I love it! Currently trying to figure out hair to go with it :)

    That is a beautiful gown!
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  • said yes to the dress! put a post on the board if you want to see
  • Bought it!

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  • I got my dress in June, it's actually already in.. whoops! here it is: http://www.alfredangelo.com/Collections/Plus-Size-Bridal/1153W/?pg=1
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  • I bought mine in June from David's Bridal. I had seen it online but it wasn't on my short-list. She brought it to me and suggested I just try it, and that ended up being the one. I love it.

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  • Going to check out some dresses tomorrow! First time ever, just me and my mom are going. Starting to feel like this is really for real! So excited!!!
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    I just bought mine. I went shopping right after getting engaged because while I live in MN, most of my friends and family live in OR and that's where I was at the time. I admit I shopped a little too much. I went to a DB in Portland with one of my best friends, another DB in MN with my MIL, the Wedding Shoppe in St Paul with MIL, and then a couple smaller ones in the town I live in "just in case". I thoroughly confused myself. So my advice is that when you find one you like, just buy the darn thing.

    But this is what I went with. It's a size too small here. I want to wear it with a blingy necklace, hair mostly down, and a fascinator. And cowboy boots!

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