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    Jen4948 said:
    mobkaz said:
    Jen4948 said:
    mobkaz said:
    Jen4948 said:
    itzMS said:

    It still makes zero sense to me that you would rather potentially gift someone something they already have or that could be a repeat of another gift at the shower (i.e. my above example of 3 George Foreman grills at one shower) versus something they wanted, in their taste/style, from a registry.

    I guess we will agree to disagree.

    We will agree to disagree that a registry is necessary to prevent this from happening, rather than just asking the bride or groom, or that a registry is required for a shower.  Showers took place for centuries before registries were conceived of.  And the "modern day and age" argument just doesn't fly.  I find it to be bullshit generated by the wedding industry and everything that regularly gets denounced on TheKnot.

    I'm pretty sure that a registry is exactly what prevents the duplication of purchased gifts.  It is also a guarantee that what you purchase is what a bride will want, since she created the registry.  Are you seriously suggesting that guests invited to a shower actually CALL THE BRIDE OR GROOM and ask them for gift suggestions??  How is that not awkward? 

    Yes, I am.  I assume the shower isn't a surprise?  And if it is, you know something?  Whether or not there is duplication really is no one's business but the couple's and the store's.  They can thank the guest for the gift graciously, return it or give it away, and that's that if they don't want to keep the gift for any fucking reason. 

    Look, you are never going to convince me that registries are required in any way, shape, or form by etiquette, then, now, or in the future.   There is no fucking requirement that couples have to do pre-selections of gifts just in case someone wants to throw them a shower or give gifts for their wedding.  I find the whole argument to be bullshit generated by the wedding industry-and everyone on TheKnot spends so much time deriding the wedding industry that it's actually laughable that there is an argument that registries are required for anything. 
    I'm done arguing this with you.  'Bye now.

    Fact checker........
    YOU are the only one that used the word "requirement".  
    Swearing does not reinforce your argument.
    Duplication DOES become the business of every guest when all three grills are open at the same shower.  
    @Jen said.....Snide GIFs do not impress me.  They certainly will do nothing to convince me that the argument you are trying to make is correct.

    Thanks ever so kindly for quoting.  That's what keeps the world of snide gifs going round and round.

    There is a difference between arguing points and convincing.  It was never my intent to convince you nor anyone else.  In particular I cannot imagine trying to argue a point with someone that doesn't even hold true to her own words.  I thought you said you were done arguing?  I thought you said "bye now".  

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