Aria Brides - Help!

Hi Ladies!

We are trying to figure out where we should block off hotels for all our guests? There are few hotels in Waterbury but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I was also wondering, are there a nice inn/hotel for me and the bridal party/groom and groomsmen to stay as well??

And any suggestions of hair/makeup artist around the area? I live in Stamford CT so I am not sure if I should find someone here or someone around Prospect?

Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!



Re: Aria Brides - Help!

  • The Courtyard Marriott is nice in Waterbury. They have a two room suite which is nice for a bridal party to get ready in.
  • I just attended a beautiful wedding at Aria a few weeks ago and everyone stayed at the Marriott in Waterbury. It was very nice and had a great down stairs bar/gathering area for after the wedding. They had the two room suite as well, I believe they used it to get ready in, and then friends and family partied there at night after their day wedding.
  • The closest hotel is Coco Key - and they have a bar there for an after party, though I'd double check to make sure it is open late. When I went to a wedding at Aria we stayed at the Hampton Inn which they booked because it was a bit cheaper than the Marriott. The bride and groom rented a conference room for a little BYOB after party. 
  • I am an Aria bride and we looked at Coco Keys and The Marriott....

    Coco Keys was very run down and dirty

    We use the Marriott because it was the cleanest option in our opinions and the closest.

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  • Does the Marriott have a shuttle?
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