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Who hosts the bridal/wedding shower?

I'm wondering who normally hosts the shower. My cousins and co-workers who have recently been married all had their showers thrown by their mothers and future mother-in-laws, but I've also recently heard that the MOH is supposed to host it?  Does anyone have any advice on this topic?  My mom would love to throw the shower, but I don't want to seem rude or do the wrong thing.  Thanks!

Re: Who hosts the bridal/wedding shower?

  • Whoever offers can host a shower for you.  My mom threw my shower.  It was rather large because nobody on my husband's side offered so she included his family as well.  My MOH threw my bachelorette party. 

  • Both of our mothers hosted mine together. In fact most of the showers I have been to over the last couple years have been hosted by moms. You just can't host your own shower.

  • Whoever wants to. If you have a MOH and you're mom wants to do it, I would give your mom your MOH info so just in case MOH wants to do it to, maybe they can co-host instead having two seperate parties. I've seen all of the follwing options

    -Bridal Party

    -Mother of Bride

    -Mother in Law to be


    -Or any combination of the above

    Depending on location, you may have more then one shower. For example if Grooms family live in one area but brides family lives a few hours away, she may get two showers, one near each family hosted by the respective family.

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