Weeping Willows in CT

Hi, CT Knot Community!

I recently became engaged and I'm starting to look at ceremony/reception venues. It has always been a dream of mine to be married under a weeping willow tree. I have found beautiful venues with willow trees, but they're all out of my budget (ex. Barns at Wesleyan Hills -- if only!). Do any of you know of any state parks or low-budget venues that would allow me to be married under their weeping willow tree? Any help or guidance is appreciated!


Re: Weeping Willows in CT

  • Commenting in hopes that someone might see this post and be able to respond! Still looking for weeping willow trees in CT. A park, a farm, etc...? Any ideas?
  • i know there is one across the street from the mystic seaport but its not really conducive to a wedding ceremony. Although I feel like wilcox park has a few, by the pond. it's also gorgeous there, we're getting pictures done there. Hope that helps a little.
  • There is a weeping willow tree at Lyman Orchard near the Apple Barrel. I do not know if you can get married there, but you could certainly do photos there!
  • Thank you, kaceandpoint and Corkey450! I'll definitely look into both options!
  • Woodwinds in Branford has weeping willows and is very reasonably priced.
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