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It's hard to not be disappointed

When you get RSVPs that are "no" from people you really want at your wedding. 

One of my dearest friends (and a college roommate), sent me her RSVP card yesterday with "will celebrate from afar" marked on the back. I knew she and her husband were on the fence - they live about 3.5 hours away and is 1/2 way through her first pregnancy. Baby has made her very sick and they are worried about traveling next month. I gave her an extended deadline, but they decided to go ahead and decline.. 

So I'm a little bummed. 

Re: It's hard to not be disappointed

  • i know how you feel, i had people who said i better be invited! and when i sent them an invite they declined! :( 
  • Yeah, I feel you on this one. Of course I don't expect everyone to make it and I didn't get upset at anyone for RSVPing no. But I have a cousin I knew would probably not come because she is in grad school doing her PhD and lives across the country. Turns out her finals are the week after the wedding too. Of course I totally understand but I was a little bummed like you just because we grew up together and I know all our family and I will miss her. 
  • I totally understand where you're coming from. We're having a destination wedding in Florida and I was really, really discouraged and disappointed a few weeks ago that 4 of my best friends - who had initially said they would travel, had actually booked flights, etc. -- declined our wedding invitation. I came on The Knot to see what others have experienced, and some of the girls reminded me that, even though you'll miss the people you would have loved to have attended, your day will be beautiful and memorable and the people that are supposed to be there will be there. And, in the end, you'll be married to your FI, and that's awesome. :)
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