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Good hotels for a block of rooms.

We're not planning to have our wedding at a hotel, but we'd still like to book a block of rooms for out of town guests.  What hotels on here have people had good experiences at?  What hasn't been good?  We're still working on a venue, but our current top choices are in Cambridge and in the South End.  We're open to hotels anywhere, although in Cambridge or Boston would be ideal.

Re: Good hotels for a block of rooms.

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    I don't have any suggestions because we're outside the city, but try to get a hotel that does not have an attrition or make you pay for out of town bags.

    Attrition is when you have to pay for any unbooked rooms.  We have a 50% attrition, so if our guests dont' book at least 50% of the rooms we blocked off, then we have to pay for them.

    We also have to pay $2.50 per bag to have them hand out OOT bags, so we're not doing them.  It's a pain.  We're having our wedding at this hotel so we didn't really have a choice with the hotel block.

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  • megandjaymegandjay member
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    I would wait until you book a venue. Then ask what hotels the venue works with, or look for the best prices at that time. Some venues have contacts with hotels and could get you a discount. Also- until you book your venue, nothing is really set in stone!
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    I agree with PP, wait until you book your venue.  Then you can be more specific....we used 2 hotels, one more expensive (over $200/night) that was w/in walking distance of the ceremony & reception, and another cheaper (~$120/night) that was further out, but T accessible.  We had about the same number of guests use each hotel. 
    We had good luck using hotelplanner.com for hotel blocks.  You just put in the dates & estimate the number of rooms/guests and the different hotels send you bids on your blocks.  Then you can visit the potential hotels, negotiate, read reviews, etc and decide who you want to go with.

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  • nhnauticalnhnautical member
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    If you do end up booking in the South End, check out the Ames Hotel in the Financial District. It is a really neat place with a great restaurant/bar with a great patio in the summer. http://www.ameshotel.com/

    The bar/restaurant is the Woodward, and if you like champagne, try the Model Behavior. Mmmm!
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    The Marriott in Kendall Sq in Cambridge quoted me $149/night for my block, but I don't know the details... I appreciated someone's comment about checking for hidden costs like attrition and out-of-town bags. I've never stayed at that hotel either but the location is good.
  • ashleykellyashleykelly member
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    Park Plaza was wonderful!! $150 a night and they were super responsive to adding more rooms. Loved the coordinators!
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