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My fiancee and I are going to be paying off as much debt as possible AND saving for our wedding (partly why we are having a longer engagement) at the same time. But we wanted to get some advice on pre-nups and/or some financial counseling. I have a lot of student debt and he has a lot of big medical bills and we don't want the other to be stuck with the others' bills if for some reason something happens to one of us, or god forbid, we get a divorce (not thinking negatively, thinking smart, IMO). Who would we go to see about how to set up an arrangement in a pre-nup that would prevent us from inheriting each other's debt?

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    I'd start with a lawyer - perhaps if you have a law school in your area, they can point you to some good help - and a financial counselor at a bank to find out what you can do to protect you from each other's debt. Again, a college might know of some good professionals in the area.
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    try googling prenups, there's a lot of good information. This is what BF and I will be doing, we're planning on both of us having no debt by the time we do a prenup, but we both know that life happens, too :/

  • Talk to a lawyer.  Depending on the type of debt a pre-nup may or may not change anything.  Some types of debt won't be attributed to your spouse regardless of what is in a pre-nup unless you take an affirmative step to make it that way (such as consolidating your loans).
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    I'm doing the same thing, Sarahtrg. It's not preparing for divorce; it's preparing for when shit hits the fan unexpectedly. It's like life insurance; you're not planning to die, but in the event that it does happen...

    It's protecting yourselves and being realistic. Shit happens.

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