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A tad bit of advice for you.

Just a small bit of advice for you brides yet to be married. 

At our Renewal this weekend, DH and I had NO time alone until last night. From Friday until then we had no alone time together. My advice is to try to steal some sort of alone time with your hubby. It made for a stressful weekend and I wish we had something. 

(his Mom was in town and stayed with us and then his grandpa was here so it was non stop go go go go go) 
Married 11/12/05 ~ Renewed Our Vows 11/9/13. 

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Re: A tad bit of advice for you.

  • Thanks for the advice! I know that FI and I are planning to, if nothing else, have a few solo photos during the cocktail hour and then spend the night at the hotel together. 
  • Excellent advice.  We took five minutes alone right after the ceremony before we greeted our guests as they came in for cocktail hour.  We also took advantage of our picture time.

    And some more advice.  Also take time to consciously step back, look at your reception,really soak it in, and love it.   This was my second wedding so I knew how busy I would be, yet I still failed to take in that moment this time.  I was too focused on just going going going.  So mad at myself. 
  • I'm really excited because FI and I will get alone time to eat and just talk to each other before the reception begins in the bridal suite. They are serving us a quick dinner in there right after our pictures.
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