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Hi guys! I'm new to the knot and am getting married in July. I'm looking for a reasonably priced but good planner for my wedding. So done with good style, organized and not the "fake" type that most seem to be. Suggestions? Reviews? Also, I am looking to buy milk glass and vintage metal,pieces for my tables as well as vintage crates and wood slices

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  • My planner was Kia from estoccasions.  Loved her & her calm and relaxed attitude. I got most of my rentals from General Eclectic. 
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    I am currently working with Carisa Lockery from so far, so good. Not an in- depth review because we just recently hired her. But she was recommended from these boards...
  • Carisa Lockery is AMAZING. We used her for our wedding this past May. I can promise you, you will not be disappointed. My husband and I met with quite a few planners, but found many of them to be too pushy, even though we did recognize being a little pushy is required for the job! Carisa is awesome, friendly, but gets the job done. I cannot recommend her enough. 

    Also, Carisa just started an online wedding consignment shop. She may have some vintage items for sale! We had a rustic barn wedding and I purchased a lot of old items from the flea market in Wallingford on the weekends.

    Good luck!
  • I went back and forth with Carisa a few times by email, she seemed nice enough but a few of her reviews on & threw me off a bit. I know everyone is different, and I'm a worry-wart so when it concerns my wedding I need to be sure someone is giving 110% the whole time. I got this impression from Kia but ultimately decided to go with Jen Strunk because she's a knot favorite, her prices were competitive and I've NEVER heard anything negative about her work. 

    Also, if you start to narrow it down to a specific planner use the search option to the right to see other posts regarding them.

    Best of luck!!
  • I personally didn't click with Jen Strunk, I felt she "tried too hard" when we had our consultation. Just didn't give me a good piece of mind when speaking with her, it was a gut decision. But like the previous person said, each to their own.

    We ended up using Down the Aisle & Christine and her team exceeded all of our expectations to help put together an amazing day. Just as a side note we got married last year right after Hurricane Sandy which presented a lot of logistical challenges and she was amazing dealing with everything! I'm glad I trusted my gut on this decision!
  • Look up Bill from William Parkinson Events! We met with him a few times and were all set to hire him, but unfortunately our budget tightened and we had to move on without a planner. (Our wedding at Anthony's Oceanview turned out beautifully, but it was a TON of work! It would have been much easier had we used a planner!) I so wish we could have hired him- he was really great, super responsive, had great ideas, understood my vision and was very reasonably priced. Although I was not able to hire him- my good friend did hire him for her wedding 3 weeks ago at Aria and everything was beautiful! She told me she was thrilled with him and everything he did for her. Please check him out - and tell him Holly sent you!
  • How much does a Vegas wedding planner run approx.?
  • How much does a Vegas wedding planner run approx.?
    You may want to post this on your local board. Good luck!
  • I've kept in touch with Jen Strunk since my wedding and we've become friends.  She has a "day job" in the real world and I'm pretty sure she's not accepting new clients.  Check with either Kia or Carissa.  They are also board faves.
  • Sugar B Events is amazing! I know Marissa is very genuine and accommodating. She was also able to get my friend incredible discounts on her band, photographer/videographer, and a few other services, which really helped her cut lots of costs but still have top quality vendors. Good luck :)
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