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Since its' slow...New activity

We're going to a trivia night tonight.

It's with an old college acquaintance that I've really re-connected with in the last few years.  

We're going to a trivia night with teams and everything.  We were laughing b/c it used to be enough to just have "activity of drinking" to go out.  Now we only want to go out if there's "activity" that may or may not contain drinking and who really cares if it does at all?

I'm looking forward to it.  It's something different and I think we have a pretty good team.

Re: Since its' slow...New activity

  • That sounds like fun!
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  • I worked at a bar that had trivia on Sunday nights. It was so fun!
  • My brother went to a new place with a trivia night, we are going to give it a go here in the next few months. We've gone to another trivia night that was far too huge, there were something like 40-50 teams and people get there in the morning to camp out for a spot. The new one had 7 teams and wasn't a zoo.
    Have fun!

  • Wow, jojo.  I don't think this one will be too large.  The bigger night is at another bar in town and this bar is a rather eclectic spot...they host exercise classes, live theatre, bands, trivia night, basically anything that someone is willing to shill out for and then have the best pool tables in town as their main go-to point.  But the front of it is rather plain and unassuming, so people usually don't know it's anything good at all.
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