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so i thought i was getting arrested last night...

so we were supposed to be going out to dinner and to see hunger games with a few of our friends last night. joe (my FIANCE!) said he had a friend that was holding tickets for us so he decided before dinner that we would stop and pick up the tickets. he drives to the theater and goes to the back of the theater pulling into a 'do not enter' area....and i am always yelling at him about his stupid driving!! and of course i was like dude what are you doing? and then a cop pulls us over! so the cop takes his id...which now i get why he was nervous and shaking hahahaha....and then another cop comes to my window and asks me to step out of the car...saying something about how there was a robbery earlier and we matched the description. so the cop is patting me down and asking me all these questions. then the other cop pulls joe out of the car and makes him stand at the back of the car and starts patting him down and goes in his coat pocket and pulls out the box and is like 'sir you wanna tell me what this is all about'....and then he did his thing.....i really was confused cuz i didnt know if joe actually planned that or if he just got busted by the cop...the latter would def be more like joe!  was a major suprise because i was actually expecting it to happen in a few weeks on our anniversary.  so in fact there was never any dinner and movie plans.  we didnt see catching fire (boo..) haha but he made sure all our friends and family were at the bar nearby so we were able to celebrate with all the people we love!

Re: so i thought i was getting arrested last night...

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