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St Simons Island

I am planning a wedding for about 50 people on St Simons Island. I want to have the ceremony on the beach but want to rent a private home for the reception. Any ideas or recommendations?

Re: St Simons Island

  • I'd call the vacation rental companies there and tell them what you are looking for.  Be sure to tell them that you are planning to hold a wedding reception for 50 people.  Some owners are ok with this, but charge an extra fee.  Other owners are not ok with parties or receptions in their rentals.  I worked rentals for years on Tybee.  We frequently had people try to hold receptions with out letting us know.  Per our contracts with them and with the owner, cops had to be called and everyone was removed from the site as soon as it was discovered.  Many residents in the area knew which houses on their blocks were allowed to have parties and which were not.  They would call the police and then call us.  I hate ruining a wedding day, but because of the way the contracts are written, I've had to do it a few times.  It sucks.  
    I'd also look into having the reception at a restaurant or reception hall.  It may seem like more on the surface, but when you consider all the extras like tables, chairs, dishes, silverware, serviceware, glasses, staff and more, it often adds up to be more than renting a room at a local restaurant.  

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