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Helping my DH through a storm PR

So I am feeling kind of overwhelmed right now because of stuff going on with H. He works as a bank teller and over the last 6months, the job has continued to get worse. His boss is awful and if you want to know those details, PM me but he's making his employees lives a bit of nightmare. He's been looking for another job during this time as well but so far, nothing as come up. And then I just got a text from him telling me that one of his friends is kind of flushing is life down the toilet (for details PM me). It's just a lot of stress and frustration on him and it hurts me to see DH so overwhelmed. You can only say "God will get us through this" so many times before you get that look of "i know that". I just don't know what else to do to help him.  Ladies, please pray for me as I try to help him in whatever way I can and for DH to be able to find the peace with in this strom. Thanks
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Re: Helping my DH through a storm PR

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