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January 2014 Weddings

Wedding in FOUR DAYS!!

I am so excited and so nervous. So much planning going into this weekend, I just want it all to go well. What do you guys have left to do? Any unexpected changes or problems come up yet?
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Re: Wedding in FOUR DAYS!!

  • 4 days to go as well!

    I need to spray paint some pinecones, make a few place cards, get the marriage liscense, put the boquets together, and my uncle just surprised me and said he can make a photobooth so I'm going to pick up some props.

    Nothing too streesful. Family flys in tomorrow. I work today until noon and then I'm free until next Thursday :)


    How you doin? (lol)

  • Pretty good. I still need to make bows for the end chairs for the ceremony, pack for the wedding/honeymoon, steam the wrinkles out of my dress and veil, write my vows out on something to read off of, and get some cash for tips. I have this whole week off work, so I have most of the stuff already done. I am spending the night at my mom's house Thursday and Friday to make sure everything is ready. We are going to relax and get manicures/pedicures.
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  • I have two weeks and right now I'm praying for good weather (I live in Michigan) and we're having a snow storm right now! Other than that I am finalizing the seating chart, then printing off the reception placecards and making final payments to vendors.

    Best of luck ladies getting married this weekend! I'm sure it will be beautiful!


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  • Sorry for the post hijack.

    @Miss Y, where in MI are you? Im in the southwest and snow fall has beem horrible this year.
    Miss Y to Mrs Z
  • AprilH81AprilH81 Columbus, OH member
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    Hang in there, I'm sure everything will be fine!
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  • edited January 2014

    @snoopycac...check your inbox I'll PM you :)


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