April 2015 Weddings

April 2015 brides.

Hi! I'm Leah and my fiances name is Jonny. We will be getting married on April 11th, 2015 which is the day before our 2 year anniversary in either Jackson County, FL or Dothan, AL. Any other April 2015 brides? Introduce yourselves. :)

Re: April 2015 brides.

  • Hi! My name is Leigh and my fiance's name is Alan. We are getting married April 25th, 2015 in Vernon, NY. This will be right before our 6 year anniversary. We are very excited and although we have been engaged for half a year it's still feels weird hearing someone say future husband or fiance. :D Makes me even more excited!
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  • Hi, my name Is Tiffany and my FI's name is Chris. We are also getting married April 25th, so ChemFanatic we are date twins!  Our wedding will be a few months before our 6 year anniversary. We are both from SI,Ny. I am so happy and excited to say we are getting married next year. Also, I'm excited that there is a board for us now :)
  • April 25th :) in New Jersey!
  • It looks like the 25th is a popular date. lol 
  • Wow the 25th is popular!
    I'm Beth, my FI and I booked our wedding for April 18th. I work in education, so this is the beginning of April vacation for me! It was either that or summertime, since I can't really take off a whole week - we have a lot of vacation time as it is (plus it would only be my 2nd yr in the job).

    Nice to finally see some April 2015 brides :)!
  • Very glad to meet all of you April 2015 ladies. :) Looks we've got a lot of you all set for the 25th. 
  • Hi I'm Amanda and my FI's name is Ryan.  We haven't booked yet but it looks like our date is either going to be the 18th or 25th in Plymouth, MA.  My FI is in medical school so we are basing  our date off of his school schedule which hasn't been released yet so we are guesstimating based on this year's schedule.  My birthday is also on the 24th so if we get married on the 25th it should be interesting getting married the day after my birthday! So glad the April 2015 board is up!
  • What do you guys have booked so far? I have my venue,DJ,photographer, makeup artist,STD's and my dress with veil and belt for it. 
  • I have absolutely nothing booked. I just got engaged last week so we haven't really started the planning. But we do have a budget set and obviously a date. 
    Psych819 said:
    What do you guys have booked so far? I have my venue,DJ,photographer, makeup artist,STD's and my dress with veil and belt for it. 

  • Psych819 said:
    What do you guys have booked so far? I have my venue,DJ,photographer, makeup artist,STD's and my dress with veil and belt for it. 
    Wow, you have so much! I just had a freak out today over the venue, which we haven't booked yet.  When did you get engaged? I got engaged in early November and I felt like I was behind, but now I really feel behind!
  • Psych819 said:
    What do you guys have booked so far? I have my venue,DJ,photographer, makeup artist,STD's and my dress with veil and belt for it. 
    Venue, DJ and photographer. The venue has everything including food, open bar and linens so I just crossed a whole bunch of stuff off my list. Whew! No dress or anything else. I'm hesitant to buy a dress right now because there is more than a year to go and my body will most likely change.
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  • I have been engaged since April of 2012. We began booking our major vendors to look in cheaper prices. We have been paying off our venue and we are more than half way paid off. This was my biggest concern since  I knew the venue was pricey. I was in grad school when we got engaged and did not want to plan while in school. Plus I knew we did not have the money to cover the cost of the wedding at the time. Doing everything early allowed us to start slowly paying off vendors so we are not putting out a lot of money all at once. The dress happened on accident. I had the itch to go dress shopping and fell in love with my dress so I just ordered it. 
  • 4-11-15 in New Jersey :)
  • Wow, 4/25 is popular! We are getting married on 4/25, which is our 6th anniversary. :-)

    Venue is booked, photographer is booked, and I have a dress!
  • Hi, My name is Rachel and my FI's name is Dan. We are another April 25th couple. Ours will be in Northampton, MA.  I am so excited they finally have the 2015 boards up!

    We don't have anything planned yet except for the venue. We are working on the church right now.
  • My name is Caitlin but go by Catie. My fiances name is Justin and we originally were planning a April 25, 2015 wedding then went to 2014 after I found out my boss at at work bakes wedding cakes on the side and has a storage unit/warehouse full of wedding linens and stuff but then went back to 2015 after I found out our original date was my moms grandparents anniversary date. We are from Columbus, Ohio.
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  • Hi, I am also a 4/25/15 bride!!! My name is Kasey and my fiance is Jon, We have been together for 12 years (high school sweethearts) from Boston getting married at OceanCliff in Newport... so excited. Venue, photographer, DJ, Florist all booked.. preetty much the next big thing is the DRESS!!!

  • We have our venue/catering, cake, rings, my dress and veil, and photographer all booked/bought.

    I plan on taking a little break until April or May and pick it up again.
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    Hi!  I'm Kate and my FI and I are also April 25th!  We'll be getting married at my parish and then having our reception at our local CC.

    Aside from that, we haven't done too much since we're getting ready to move!
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  • Hello, we're Aussies getting married in Las Vegas on the 8th April 2015.
  • I am Kate my FI is Mike we are getting married April 10th 2015. I have looked at like 10 places my FI and I are both firemen and he got moved to a different shift so for now I am doing the work myself.  We live just outside the city of Chicago and will be having a semi big 250 person wedding in a hotel/banquet hall due to all the family from out of town and a bunch of drunk firemen! Happy planning to all!
  • I'm Lauren and my fiancé is J. We currently live in Iowa but are getting married in Minneapolis, MN on April 11, 2015.
  • I'm Kelechi and My fiance is Shane! Our wedding date is 4/18/2015 in Myrtle Beach, SC a few weeks before our 8 year anniversary. We do have the church reserved and hopefully in a month or so we will also have a reception venue and My dress and veil! I so excited this board is up!
  • Hi - I'm Misty and my fiance is Bob.  We are getting married in Kansas City on April 18, 2015.  I've booked the photographer, have my dress, veil and headpiece, and have picked out the bridesmaids' dresses and colors.  Bob is in Afghanistan until June so we can't really do much in way of looking at venues or caterers.  Once June is here though it's ON!  LOL

  • I'm Lindsey and my fiance is Matthew. We're having a destination wedding April 30, 2015 (hopefully!) We are thinking about going to Jamaica. 
  • Hi fellow April 2015 brides! My name is Erica and Jerome is my so sweet hubby to be! We are getting married on 4/25/2015 in Dallas, TX. We have a venue and have started looking at caterers!
  • To do save the dates or to not do...that is the question....what are all you other April brides doing?? My group is split half say yes half say not...and I want them but they can be expensive...opinions!!
  • Look at etsy. I found an amazing save the date as well as an amazing wedding invitation that I LOVE from etsy that is a printable file ie you give all the info then she sends you a pdf file or something and then you can either print that from home however many copies you want whether that be 25 or 250 or you can take it to a copy shop. That is what we are doing I think for our save the dates since we only need 60-80 and the less you buy the more expensive they are.

    These are the ones that we are looking at: http://www.etsy.com/listing/155817612/save-the-date-wedding-card-template-with?ref=sr_gallery_5&ga_search_query=wedding+save+the+dates+yellow&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery
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  • 4/19 in New Orleans :)
  • We will probably do STDs, but probably will use an engagement picture and do them through Shutterfly.

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