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Nevada-Las Vegas

Pay $$$ for external photography or go with Wynn

JixxtJixxt member
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edited December 2013 in Nevada-Las Vegas
So... we're in a dilemma, and thought your opinions might help us decide! Guessing many of you have been in the same position!??

We're having our ceremony and reception at Wynn, and as everyone knows the photography pricing is outrageous... They've quoted $2500 for an extra two hours of photography alongside the half hour that is included in our package. All it includes is the Master CD of pics. I'm not in love with the styling of their photography either... it's very lovey dovey, and even after requesting fun/quirky images, I still got loved up examples.

Bringing in an external photography is my preferred option and still waaay cheaper with the additional $750 release fee that Wynn charges. We can get 6hrs photography with  Tyler Freear for $2900, and his styling is AWESOME!!

The problem is... Wynn will not allow us to take photos inside the hotel...so my question is.... Is the inside of the Wynn Hotel so amazing that you absolutely must have some photo's inside? My other half thinks so and is prepared to pay $$$ to get pics inside....I'm not convinced... I'd rather go out to the desert and take pics.

What would/have you girls done?
Has anyone used Tyler before too? The work on his website is great,... also considering Todd (B & W) and Mandy Meyer!


Re: Pay $$$ for external photography or go with Wynn

  • I would definitely pay the outside vendor fee, have your own photog who does photos the way you want them, and take pics inside anyway.  I have not heard of anyone getting kicked out for taking photos anywhere recently; about a year ago in Cosmo, so I still caution about the issue with them, but I have not heard of that issue occurring at Wynn.  I'd be inclined to recommend going bridezilla on them if they did ask you to leave considering what you're spending with them for the ceremony and outside photog fee.

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  • We chose an external photographer and paid outside vendor fees just for more control over our pictures.

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  • Thanks guys!
  • I think I'm in the minority on this one.  We decided to stay with the photographer they are providing.  It ends being about the same and their photographers are going to know the best spots in and around the hotel, they are also going to know how to set up and do the lighting.  That was our reasoning at least...

    The Wynn is really pretty and there always tons of people taking pictures by the flowers in the front.  If I was getting married there I would want photos from inside too.
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • ktbabe530 said:
    I think I'm in the minority on this one.  We decided to stay with the photographer they are providing.  It ends being about the same and their photographers are going to know the best spots in and around the hotel, they are also going to know how to set up and do the lighting.  That was our reasoning at least...

    The Wynn uses Cashman who uses staff photographers at all their Vegas contract properties.  They tend to keep the same ones at the same venues but you're not guaranteed you won't get someone who typically works a different resort based on sick, vacation, days off, etc..  Also, since you're dealing with a photography company that has a LOT of photographers, given the fact that they have contracts with 18 of the Vegas resorts, you're also not necessarily going to get someone who's even been working for Cashman, at the Wynn or in Vegas for that long.  A sole proprietor photographer based in Vegas that has an appreciable number of years under their belt is likely to have shot in all the various resorts for years and will know the good spots.  Of course you could always make that part of your interview criteria when trying to choose one.

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  • Point taken!! But in terms of cost they really are on opposing scales, which is why I'm having so much trouble deciding.

    $2500 = 2.5hrs photography with Wynn
    $2900 = 8hrs photography with an external

    If they were the same I'd be happy just to keep it all with Wynn.
    @Vegasgroom thanks, that makes sense. Looks like it can be just as risky going with Cashman/Wynn!!

    Keen to hear what others have chosen still!
  • So this is totally random:  Apparently Tyler does weddings in Colorado as well as Vegas.  We attended a wedding in Vail, CO for some close friends last month and he was the photographer there.  We chatted it up, talked about Vegas, discussed different Vegas vendors, etc.   He was a nice guy.  I got to see him in action, as well as some of the results, which are already posted on his website.  Overall, I think he did a nice job.  From the guest point of view, he was not "in your face" but rather blended in, which is great.  Also, he was busy the whole time getting nice shots of the decor and scenary (mountain shots, etc., since we were in vail).  The bride and groom were happy with the results. 

    That's my only experience with him, and it is very random at that, but I thought I would share!    

    (Also, I will add that we used Todd from B&W for our wedding at the Bellagio in August.  We really like him and he got a lot of good candid shots of our guests dancing, etc. I would definitely recommend him as well.) 

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  • @SD210 haha that is totally random! He must like the travel, and must love his job.
    Do you have any pics I could look at from B&W? I'm not sure how old Todd's work is on his website.
  • Sure, I posted a bunch when I did my reviews.  Here (clicky) for some photos from Todd. 
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  • And here is part 2 of my photos...Clicky
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  • I was quited a different price from Wynn for an extra hour.  What does the $2500 include?
  • @SD20 thank you! and so beautiful! :)

    @jodianne222 oh really? cheaper? It was actually $2300, and it included the Master CD from 1/2 hour from the package, and an additional 2hours of onsite photography, plus the usual prints from the Allure package. What did they quote you?

    We have decided to bring in an external, and just pay the $750 fee!

  • We got married at the Wynn and used the Wynn's photographer for the ceremony only.
    We got Todd form Bently & Wilson for everything after the 15 minute ceremony.
    Samantha Michelle www.KeepMeBlushing.com
  • @wwwKeepMeBlushing.com did they still make you pay the release fee? They told me that if I used an external photographer for all the other stuff, we'd need to pay the release fee and give up the photography int he package.
  • hey all - thanks for your input, I've decided to go the photography that comes with the package for the ceremony only, ditch the Master CD because we are getting the thing filmed, and then use our external for the reception and other stuff!

    If anyone is thinking of the Wynn... the girls there are amazing! Just saying!
  • I am having a great experience dealing with the girls at the Wynn.  I thought they told me $250 per hour extra for photographer.  Maybe I misunderstood.
    I am having ceremony and reception there.  Has anybody had there reception there as well

  • @jodianne222 no maybe you haven't misunderstood! They told me that too, but then I asked about how much for the raw pics and that is when the price bumped up!
    We are doing our reception there too... tentatively booked LaTache Room!
  • I'm planning on getting married at Wynn and contacted them about photography after reading this.
    They said there is no option to pay a release fee and use external photographers on the grounds.
    I really do want the same photographer for the whole day as I think it will be easier.
    They quoted me $250 an hour extra for pics around the resort and about $2000 for the CD of images (just for the opulence package, not the added hour). The CD is really important to us, I don't really care about prints as we'd have to take them back to the UK.
    So I'm now really confused and don't know what to do!!
  • Hi Nicola, you're the same as me. The photo CD is the most important thing for us too.
    The release fee means that you pay to bring in a photographer for your private event. If you decide you want an external photographer you can only get photo's inside the salons and inside your reception venue, you will have to forfeit photography around the grounds.

    That was my issue too. In the end we are having two photographers - Wynn's Cashman, and Bentley - the ceremony doesn't matter TOO much for us. We want to capute the party mostly :)

  • Hi Jixxt - I think that is what we are going to do as well. I might get the Cashman photog for an extra hour around the Wynn, as I love the grounds and the walkway with fairy lights :)

    Then, we may get an external (prob. Joey Allen as Bentley is booked) for a mini strip tour - Bellagio fountains and sign, and the reception. Just means I won't have any professional getting ready ones, but I look rough without make up anyway, so it might be a good thing :)

    We'll just need to work out the costings, but I think that's probably the way we are going to go.

  • @nicola, i think that is probably the most cost effective way to go :)
  • @nicolajane81 and @jixxt - just wanted to say thanks for these posts, I'm also hoping to get married at Wynn but my biggest worry is the photographer! Super helpful to know some of you are going through the same dilemma! Meeting with them at the end of February so fingers crossed they are still allowing external photographers in - it's one of the main reasons I'm going with Wynn in the first place!!
  • @sasalew - let me know what they say when you meet with them face to face, as they told me (via email) that it wasn't an option, so I'm interested to hear if it's different for you!

  • @sasalew they let external photographers in for me when I asked, for a $750 release fee! Let us know how the meet goes (are you meeting the Wynn girls, or the photographer?)... I'm really keen to hear how they are as suppliers!
  • I'll let you know how it goes at the end of the month @jixxt and @nicolajane81 ! Meeting with Cabriole from Wynn Weddings and Christina from Wynn Restaurants. Have only spoken to them both in email so far, fingers crossed I get the answers we want!
  • JixxtJixxt member
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    @sasalew did you end up meeting your contact at Wynn? How did it go??
  • kazzykazzy member
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    I'm curious to know as well @sasalew, as I spoke with the director of weddings at Wynn last month. She very explicitly wanted the information on my site and venue directory to state that Wynn and Encore do NOT allow bringing in external photographers, even for a fee and that there was a lot of "misinformation" about this. Sigh. 

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  • Yep, exactly what we were told so also curious for updates! We're going to go with cashman for an extra hour around Wynn, not do a strip tour now and just get our friends/family to take lots at the reception
  • I toured the Wynn this past weekend, and they told me that we could not take pictures around the property after the ceremony with an outside photographer- we can only use the Cashman photographer.
  • JixxtJixxt member
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    Thanks @azwildcat i'm still trying to negotiate with them =/
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