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What was your proposal like?

I'm proposing to my long-time girlfriend on the 15th of February, and I have no idea what I'm going to say. We're going to see Madama Butterfly (so romantic I know, haha) and then going for dinner (which is when I'm going to actually propose). So I'm looking for inspiration. How did your proposal go? What did you/your FI say? Where did it happen?
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Re: What was your proposal like?

  • emmyg65emmyg65 member
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    We had been discussing marriage, wedding stuff, etc., for a long time, so it wasn't a surprise. We knew we were going to get married in late summer 2013. But the exact moment was a surprise! 

    He had just come home from a two-week work trip to Australia. It had been a long time apart, with few opportunities to talk, and we'd missed each other terribly. We stayed up late the night he came home, catching up. The next morning, we were lying in bed chatting. He got up and came back with a small box containing a bracelet (I didn't want a ring) and said "Emmyg, will you please be my partner in life and marry me?" 

    Of course I said yes! And then we stayed in bed for a while cuddling. It was very sweet and romantic. Absolutely perfect.
  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
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    We'd been planning to get engaged for several months and had gone ring shopping together. I knew it was coming but didn't know when. He enjoyed teasing me about when i might get the ring. We were on vacation in London and while sitting in a park he said, "So, think next time we come back we'll be husband and wife?" Keep in mind he'd been teasing me for a few months so I replied, "Yeah, if you'd just get on with it!" He dug into his pocket and got down on one knee; I couldn't tell you exactly what he said as he presented the ring. Then we sat there exclaiming, "wow! So we're engaged! Cool!"

    You don't need anything fancy or have to say anything mushy. Just be you, and enjoy!

  • When he asked me to be his girlfriend, he took me on a walk and had flowers sitting on a bench. He did the same thing 4 years later when he asked me to be his wife. 
    thisismynickname2[Deleted User]vegasbride2015
  • He proposed on stage, right before a local theater group put on Fiddler on the Roof.
  • JennyColadaJennyColada Awesometown, CA member
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    I ways sitting on the couch and he just came over and knelt down and told me he had a gift for me and it was the ring. We had talked a bit about marrying each other so I knew it was coming, but I was in such shock and cannot remember anything that he said after I opened the box!

    It was just the two of us at home and I sobbed and sobbed. It was really embarrassing and I'm happy that it wasn't in public. Prior to this, my fantasy proposal story was always in a favorite restaurant, but knowing what I know now, I'm really happy that I didn't have dozens if people watching me ugly cry. Lol.
  • laurenstlouislaurenstlouis member
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    Aw, best of luck with your proposal! You'll have to let us know how it goes!

    My FI and I had been talking about marriage for a while, and as he started looking at rings, he was asking our co-workers (we work together at a cupcake shop; he's the Head Baker and I'm the Wedding Coordinator & cupcake froster; I assure you, it's as adorable as it sounds, haha!) opinions on rings and such. I'm someone who cannot be surprised; I have to know if something is going on. So, after having my finger sized twice AND hearing from my co-workers about how beautiful the ring was, I knew it had to be coming soon and I started trying to get details out of him/others he might have told. Luckily, my FI knows me too well and had started a "decoy rumor." While I was 99% sure I had it figured out (he kept dropping hints that it was going to be on the Ferris Wheel at his mom's annual hometown carnival), I was devastated when we arrived and there wasn't a Ferris Wheel in sight! I panicked and blurted out, "Is the proposal ruined now?!" (Fully forgetting that I wasn't supposed to have any idea that I was going to be proposed to!) He seemed so genuinely upset and admitted that yes, that was his plan all along, but that he would think of a new and better way to propose, as long as I wasn't too upset. I felt so bad for him (and, admittedly, for me too, haha!), but I assured him that my day wasn't ruined and that we were with his family and at a carnival, so how could we not have fun? We spent the day riding rides, eating fried carnival foods, and spending time with his family--it really was a perfect day, proposal or no proposal. Fireworks always bring this particular carnival to a close, and I knew something was up when he lead me away from his family (we always watch the fireworks with them) to a spot off to the side, away from all the other people there, with this gorgeous view of the moon and the fireworks display. Of course, I knew this was it and I could hardly contain myself; but I didn't let on that I knew what was coming. It was so adorable, he tried a few times to work up his nerve and tried to start his speech a few times before he finally got down on one knee in front of me and managed to get out what he was trying to say. I can't remember exactly what it was that he said (I was too busy screaming to myself inside my head, "YES! THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!"), but I know that it was something along the lines of him saying that he's never been so happy in his entire life and how much he loves me. He was so nervous that he almost forgot to actually say "will you marry me," but he quickly realized that, used my full name, and asked if I would marry him. Apparently, the Ferris Wheel was never the real plan, just a rumor he started so that I would stop trying to figure out the real proposal! Of course I said yes, and since he asked half-way through the fireworks display, we were able to enjoy the rest of the show as a newly engaged couple and then celebrate the awesome news with his family afterward! He hadn't told them, either, that he was planning on proposing, and their reaction is still my favorite one of everyone we've told the news to! It really was truly perfect. <3
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  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    We were on a European cruise and had stopped for the day in Gibraltar. We took a tour and went all the way up to the top of the rock. FI pulled me off the tour to hike up to a spot further up. He ran up ahead of me and when I finally caught up to him, he was kneeling down holding my engagement ring. He said, "Will you be mine forever?" And I was in shock. I'm pretty sure I said, "What?" like 5 times. Finally it sunk in and I said yes. I still tear up when I think about it. It was (so far) the best day of my life. 

  • I've always wanted to go to Paris and go to the Eiffel Tower. FI and I were planning a trip to Europe and he booked his time off to overlap with our anniversary. He planned that we would be in Paris for our anniversary and booked dinner at the Eiffel Tower. The plan was that we would have a romantic dinner with champagne overlooking Paris, then we would go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and he would propose there. His brother, who lives in Paris, would be there to video tape the proposal. That was the plan. What actually happened - FI got food poisoning. We couldn't reschedule the Eiffel Tower dinner, and he wouldn't let me miss it. I was so upset that he was sick and wouldn't leave the dinner, that I didn't really enjoy the dinner, and he spent most of the time lying on the bathroom floor. He didn't think he could make it to the top of the tower, so we left after dinner. During the elevator ride down, he told me that his brother was meeting us at the bottom of the tower to take us to a special anniversary surprise. We went to the edge of the Champs de Mars and FI got down on one knee and said "I've known for a long time I've wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" I said yes. He had booked a romantic hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower to celebrate our engagement. He spent the night sleeping on the floor of the bathroom. He was so upset that things didn't go as planned, but I honestly didn't care because we were engaged! And now we have a great story and an excuse to go back to Paris for our wedding anniversary!

  • My FI used to be very strange about holidays. He never ever invited me to his family holiday stuff and he didn't want to come to mine, it was strange because I knew his parents and brother and he knew my family but he thought that couples shouldn't go to eachother's family gatherings until they were engaged or married. Anyway one year he asked me to go to his family's house for thanksgiving. I was do excited and so was his mom. Lol. We get to his parents house and we're walking up the driveway and he stops and says "maybe we shouldn't do this. It is a big step and we're not even engaged yet" so naturally I got angry, like seeing red, ready to throw the pie I was holding in his face livid. Then he said that he knew exactly what to do to fix this little issue and then he pulled out the ring. It took me a second to comprehend what he was saying because I was so angry but once I did I said yes and then I said I kind of hate you right now. We still laugh about that.
  • It was his birthday 2013, after we ate a late lunch/ early dinner we sang happy birthday. He then got down on one knee and said lets see if my wish comes true. We had talked about getting married and such, I helped him pick out my ring, however I didn't know when he was going to pop the question. It was still a lovely surprise. It was nothing grand but it doesn't have to be.
  • My FI is deployed, and his kids are in St. Louis while he's gone.  He came home over R&R in December, and we went to a fantastic B&B to stay.  Once we got into our room he couldn't stand it and dropped to one knee.  Shocked the heck outta me, because we'd decided we would get married someday, but he'd told me not to expect to get engaged any time soon.  He was actually supposed to do it a day later after he'd talked to his kids, but he said I was so happy and full of life when we got to the B&B that he just couldn't wait and had to do it.  I had no idea or input on the ring, but he did a good job.  :)  Now we just have to wait for him to get home for good before jumping in the planning with both feet.  :)

  • Kenny and I were high school sweethearts and met in our junior English class when he convinced his best friend to switch seats with him so that he could sit beside me. After a few months of shy smiles and small talk, he asked me out, I turned him down, and he proceeded to get to know everything about me over the next week. Then, he asked me out again, and I took a chance and said yes. Four years later, we planned on spending our anniversary walking through Christmas lights (our annual tradition), when he convinced me we should stop by to see our English teacher. We went back to the classroom where it all started, and after hugging our teacher goodbye, Kenny took my hand, dropped to one knee, and gave me the most beautiful proposal asking me to continue making him the happiest man alive. He even had her secretly photograph the whole thing!
  • DH took us to Gatlinburg for my birthday/anniversary. Our 2nd night there he had made reservations at a top steak house that has a section called the love birds seating. After dinner the waitress came over with a "tray" that had 2 glasses of wine. When she set the glasses on the table she pulled the cloth off the tray and revealed a picture frame. I thought aw that's a cute gift. I thought it a was something the restaurants gave you for reservations in that section. When I actually looked at it though, it was our wedding invitations with a little pull tab at the bottom. When I pulled that off it showed he had added will you marry me to the bottom. I started crying and when I looked up he was on one knee with the ring and had hired a photographer to come and capture it all on film. I still kick myself in the ass for not getting those pics from the photographer :(
  • My fiancé proposed two days before my 28th birthday. I came home from work and he said that he had my birthday gift, but I couldn't open it until I finished eating dinner. Of course, I was so anxious to open my gift, I didn't eat all of my dinner. So I got up to open my gift, which was on my bed and my fiancé started recording, but I really didn't think about why he would be recording. When I opened my gift, it was this GORGEOUS Michael Kors bag that I had been eyeing for a while. I jumped up and down and squealed like a little girl. After a few minutes of being excited about the bag, my fiancé suggested I look in the pocket with the zipper because he didn't like the depth. When I opened the zipper, I took out a red box. I opened the box and saw a GORGEOUS cushion cut diamond ring staring at me. I asked my fiancé what it was and he said, "It's an engagement ring. Duh!" I started freaking out and then he walked up to me and got down on one knee. Then I lost it and started crying. He said, "So is that a yes?" I said, "Yes of course!" 

    And everything was recorded.
  • FI proposed on our anniversary (Dec 1st)- we were setting up our Christmas tree and every time I'd step back to check the lights/ornaments/star, FI would come up right next to me and try to be romantic-y/gaze at the tree with me but I kept nudging him away because he was getting all up in my business (I hate to be distracted while immersed in something- who doesn't?). Finally, I asked him if he wanted to hang the ornament we had just bought together and he said okay but there was one more (which was confusing because all ornaments were accounted for) and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was covered in tree sap and pine needles and was so surprised. Said yes but didn't want to put it on the tree!
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  • omg! such pretty stories! 

    boyfriend and I went ring shopping, and he gave it to his friend so I dont get to close to it, LOL. so now I'm waiting for THE day! sooooo excited!

    congrats to all of you
  • Tamdan said:
    My boyfriend wrote our story and we have entered it in a contest to win my dream dress :) It's truly romantic.... http://www.bestforbride.com/viewContestStory/208.php
    Are you kidding??
    Maggie0829KeptInStitches[Deleted User]
  • HaileyDancingbearHaileyDancingbear Arkham Asylum member
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    Mine was sort of a surprise, sort of not a surprise- FI and I had talked about our lives in terms of us being together for the rest of them.   We were planning on moving in together, planning on growing old together.  So being committed to each other for the rest of our lives, was not a surprise.  

    However, FI and I both grew up with a negative view of marriage and the wedding industry as a whole- I blame TLC big time for this.  Had you asked either of us a few years ago, we both would have told you that while we had no problem committing to one person, we never saw ourselves as the type to get married.  (Again, I blame TLC for our idea that there is a specific "Type" to get married.)  Not that we judged others for getting married, of course.

    So I was extremely surprised, when in the middle of a phone conversation while I was on vacation in Maine, FI asked me to marry him.  It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, he just said it as soon as he felt it, and I found that incredibly sweet.  He asked again later in person, because he felt it was too big a question to only ask over the phone- he was just too excited to wait to ask, another reason I found it absolutely adorable.  When he got my ring in the mail (We ordered it from a lovely Etsy shop) he told me to close my eyes, and asked me if I could see myself with him for the rest of our lives.  

    When I said yes he slipped the ring on my finger, and we started talking about all of the moments, big and small, between staying up all night one night, one month into our relationship, just talking and pouring our souls out to each other, to dancing to Ripple at Gathering of the Vibes this past summer, in which it just hit him, "this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with."
  • JennyColadaJennyColada Awesometown, CA member
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    Speaking of hiding rings and having friends hold them...

    Fi told me that the ring was at his dad's house for "safe keeping" (I'd joked that I would tear the house apart looking for it). After he proposed I had asked him "so when did you get the ring from your dad?" He said "Oh, it was never at my dad's, I just told you that so that you wouldn't bother looking." LOL!
  • We had just exchanged Valentine's Day gifts. I got him the Ken Burns Baseball documentary series, and he got me a life size Tardis blanket from Doctor Who (yes, we're geeks). I gave him a hug and he gave me my grandmother's ring and said, "You can start wearing this now." I just started laughing because I never thought he'd propose. 
  • laceybirdlaceybird member
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    @Jennycolada We're in the same boat, lol!

    I had taken Valentine's Day off from work (since FI already gets Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays off, the lucky dog), and we spent the first part of the day away from each other, running our own errands and whatnot. Later that afternoon, we both came home and decided to spend the rest of the day together. We went out to eat and had a very laid-back day, just like always. I bought him a card and a bag of his favorite cookies and gave to him, not expecting anything in return.

    Later that evening, we had a minor spat, so when we got home, we kind of just crawled into bed and forgot about it (or at least I had). We cuddled up a little bit before he sat up kind of randomly and got out of bed. He told me to sit up for a minute. He knelt down right there at the side of the bed and pulled a ring box from his nightstand and asked me to marry him.

    Of course, I said "yes", and everything after that was a blur of hugs, kisses, hugs, ugly crying, hugs, more kisses, and an "are you sure?" Lol!
  • JennyColadaJennyColada Awesometown, CA member
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    Of course, I said "yes", and everything after that was a blur of hugs, kisses, hugs, ugly crying, hugs, more kisses, and an "are you sure?" Lol!
    Haha, my mom said she did the same. Her response was more along the lines of "WHAT?! Are you serious? REALLY? Are you KIDDING? NO! What? SERIOUSLY?!" Lol.
  • Of course, I said "yes", and everything after that was a blur of hugs, kisses, hugs, ugly crying, hugs, more kisses, and an "are you sure?" Lol!
    Haha, my mom said she did the same. Her response was more along the lines of "WHAT?! Are you serious? REALLY? Are you KIDDING? NO! What? SERIOUSLY?!" Lol.
    Lol, there was a good chunk of time in between the time he pulled the ring box out and then opened it to ask if I'd marry him. Looking back, I remember that I was kind of already laugh-crying (or getting ready to cry) and asked "Baby.... baby what are you doing?" XD
  • Speaking of hiding rings and having friends hold them...

    Fi told me that the ring was at his dad's house for "safe keeping" (I'd joked that I would tear the house apart looking for it). After he proposed I had asked him "so when did you get the ring from your dad?" He said "Oh, it was never at my dad's, I just told you that so that you wouldn't bother looking." LOL!
    Lol!  That's funny!  I started wondering if FI had a ring and where it was if he had one.  After we became engaged, he told me he had hidden it in his gun safe.  Haha!
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  • My proposal story is super unromantic.

    We'd chatted about the rings, and eventually he just gave me his card to buy whatever I liked. So one day he was hopping in the shower after we'd 'spent some time together', and then all the sudden he was naked and down on one knee with the ring in his hand. Kind of awkward, but super hilarious.
    Best. Proposal. EVER.
  • FI proposed Christmas day; he suggested opening some gifts before the rest of the family arrived (just his parents were there) and when I was about to open one of my gifts, he gave me a ring box and said “I think you should open this first”. I wanted to say yes so badly that it seemed to take forever for him to pop the question :) We had talked about getting married for quite a while, but the proposal still came as a complete surprise.

    He had thought about doing something fancy and elaborate, but five days before heading to the US for the holidays (we live overseas), war broke out where we live and we got evacuated. We were so glad to be safe and home that nothing mattered anymore apart from actually getting engaged! 

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