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  • Nice! I am actually looking forward to that week more than my wedding day! Just me and the future hubs, relaxing with some drinks without a care in the world!
  • We're disney passholders & it's pretty much our favorite place in the world. We'll be having our honeymoon there (right during Star Wars Weekend at Hollywood Studios. FI is stoked, as we always go to the events every year.) We live 3 hours away, so we'll be going straight there after our morning wedding to have a nice dinner and see the fireworks. I can't wait!


  • We are not going right after the wedding but we will probably do a cruise in Asia. It starts in Hong Kong and stops in Taiwan, Vietnam, & Thailand before ending in Singapore. We are both big travelers and wanted to go somewhere neither of us has been.

    To the posters scared of Mexico, please don't be. The crime areas are not in the typical tourist areas of Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carment, Cabo, etc. My FI is Mexican and we go there a lot. It would be a shame to travel to Cabo or Playa and not leave the resort - the areas are gorgeous with tons of fun excursions.
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    tcnoble said:
    @tho127 where are you staying in Anguilla?? We are considering it for our honeymoon :)

  • tcnoble said:
    @tho127 where are you staying in Anguilla?? We are considering it for our honeymoon :)

  • We will be taking a longer honeymoon later on in the year... but right after the wedding (the sunday-tuesday following) we are taking a mini-vacay. We will be spending a few nights up in Door County, peninsula... which for those of you not from Wisconsin area is a beautiful place. There are winery's everywhere (yessss!) and a bunch of the hotel's are very cottage-like secluded places. I'm so excited :)
  • FI and I were talking today about the honeymoon because our resort changed ownership and we may not get some of the added tours, etc we were previously entitled to (but I'm fighting like hell to get them added back in, or have some other compensation like a room upgrade), and he said, "Well, if we don't get everything we wanted this time around, we can always go on a second honeymoon later on." I laughed so hard at the idea of planning a ANOTHER honeymoon before we even go on this one! Haha

  • We are going to the Dominican Republic!! It took a while for us to decide because as much as we want a nice honeymoon, we didn't want to spend an arm and a leg. This ended up being the best choice for us and I've had quite a few friends recommend the resort we're staying at so I can't wait!!


  • We have booked and are so excited! We're going to Barcelona, Spain for a few days then taking a week long Mediterranean cruise to France and Italy and then coming back to Barcelona for a few more days. Wedding is May 17th and we're leaving for our honeymoon on May 22nd.
  • Just booked Sandals @ Antigua. I cannot wait! I keep looking at pictures and getting more and more excited. 
  • @lordmelissa That's awesome! When are you going? We just set up a honeymoon registry and figure out what excursions we want to try and do. FI is super excited for the zipline lol



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  • @ArtTeacher23 we'll be there May 26-June 3. I haven't picked anything yet for excursions either. Probably some kind of tour. Preferably with local history stuff. I'm a history nerd! 
  • We just booked our Honeymoon! We will be staying at Sandals Regency La Toc in Saint Lucia!


    It's an all-inclusive, adults only resort. We'll be staying in the Sunset Bluff Oceanview One Bedroom Butler Suite for a week in June. Sandals is great, on St. Lucia they give you the option to stay at one resort, but let you "play" at all three resorts on the island! They even provide transportation between each resort. I'm so excited! Can't stop daydreaming about being in Saint Lucia!


  • @carlydaily what did you end up spending?

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    I finally get to add to this thread!

    FI and I have been looking for a place for our honeymoon. We've thought about, and rejected:
    - Bahamas (We live in FL and our good family friends own a house there so we usually go there at least once a year)
    - BVIs (For what we want to do we'd have to rent a boat and that was too expensive for us unfortunately)
    - Hawaii (Too expensive of a plane flight and we'd lose about 2 days getting there and back)

    SO! We've decided on Aruba! We're nailing down flights (Miami airport vs Tampa, etc.) and places to stay. Actually, through TK forums I found and I'm obsessed! We're looking at a private cottage (with full kitchen, washer, AC) for about $70 a night! 

    It's definitely not as nice as a resort, but FI and I aren't "resort" people (for full disclosure...we've both been to Atlantis and didn't enjoy it nearly as much as staying in our friends house). And we love to cook together so having a kitchen where we can go to the markets and buy things to cook is awesome!

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    We just booked Aruba on Thursday!!! I can't wait to go!! We're staying at the occidental grand Aruba. I've never flown or been on a super nice vaca so that's probably adding to the excitement. We leave May 19th.
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    @FutureMrsN3312 yay for Aruba! We've never been and we're super excited! What things (activities, tours, etc) are y'all looking at doing?! Since we just found the house/apartment we'll be in today, we haven't really started "planning" but we're thinking of doing hiking, deep sea fishing, and some snorkeling...

    Unfortunately (or fortunately? Depending on your view...) we're from FL and so we're probably/definitely not gonna lay on a beach for a week so we're really looking for some cool other stuff!

    We'll be there the 12th-17th so I guess we can wave at each other from our respective airplanes!
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    The package FI booked includes an upgraded room, bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries upon arrival. 1 hour in room couples massage. Breakfast in bed. A romantic dinner. 10% off spa treatments and a surprise gift. They have all kinds of activities. I intend on doing a few of them. We're from NY/NJ so we might just wind up laying on the beach. After this winter we deserve it lol
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  • finally booked ours.
    Tower Isle in Ocho Rios!
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