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Innocent Daydreaming


Re: Innocent Daydreaming

  • blabla89blabla89 Atlanta
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    I'll confess that I have been so tempted to imagine and pre-plan that I was on the brink of BSC for a while. Moral of the story: it's no good and can drive you crazy. Thinking about travel is a much better use of your time.
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  • I have said often that the only pre-planning I did was to (a) know I didn't want a diamond centre stone; (b) know I did want to wear my aunt's dress; and (c) want a specific version of the 'Gloria' sung by the cantor at our Mass. (Which I guess leads to (d) knowing I wanted a full Catholic Mass.)

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • No, the only pre-planning I did was look at engagement rings with H and online after H asked me for a few styles I might like...in fact, I think that was my first post here (I wanted to be surprised by the ring so I was conflicted on telling H what I wanted). I'm glad I listened to the ladies here who told me it wouldn't ruin the surprise of the engagement for H and I to look together. Why don't you stick around and post some more (focusing your energy on things other than an engagement or marriage)...the ladies here are amazing.
  • Alright, alright, she wasn't asking for help with her Spelling homework ladies...
    Let's keep it helpful and actually read what she posted!

    @Snickrsgirl - I do the same thing and me and my BF have been together for 5 years now.  I love pinning ideas. I love finding out-of-the-box ideas online, too. I basically look for new ideas that I've never seen before, and it's all in good fun! Weddings have always been a fascination of mine and I would love to be a wedding planner in the future.

    As long as you don't go over-board by doing things like trying on wedding gowns or spending serious time at the jeweler's, you'll be fine.  It's not like you're trying to spring this on you SO; it sounds like he's giving you ideas too!

    Much luck!! :)
  • Thanks you Sarah71309!! your response made me smile because I think you really get what I was trying to say! 
  • natswildnatswild The F-f-f-rozen N-n-north (Northern Alberta)
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    When FI first brought up the possibility of getting married, I spent a lot of time looking at things, and asking questions, because I had never thought I'd ever get married, so had never thought about weddings. That meant I was clueless! I wasn't preplanning, in the idea of we should have this, and we should do that, more trying to figure things out. Occasionally, one or the other of us would bring items up, such as what we liked about one venue over another, and he had wanted me to choose my ring, so I spent a fair amount of time looking at rings, to try to find what I liked best, and then, once I had some idea, we would go together a few times, until I did find the one. Since he proposed, I have done some more looking, but we will make decisions when we are finally together again in a few weeks :)

  • I meant she and a few others here have told me how much planning and gave me the opinions i was after.  I already knew and re-clarrified a few times that I was know i'm to young to seriously consider a wedding.  I certainty wasn't asking for "homework help" as Sarah71309 had mentioned but since they brought it up it was a valid point i had not considered, so thanks to them. Some people had ignored what i said beyond my first post and went on about how i was getting ahead of myself.  That would be reasonable if i was elbow deep in planning but i'm not, not even close, so it wasn't what I asked for.  Im not butt hurt about people not telling me what i don't want to hear, because i haven't heard anything i didn't want to hear. It was just a bit irrelevant.  i'm just trying to make myself and what i was trying to say clear.  
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