Recommendations for Salons?

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Looking for a great wax place to do my eyebrows? Want to get them perfect the few months before the wedding and then do a touch up a few days before the ceremony.
By "great" I mean someone who does an excellent job, somewhere you go on a regular basis and are very happy with.
Thanks in advance!

Re: Recommendations for Salons?

  • Although I won't give specific recs on a place, I will recommend threading rather than waxing, in my opinion it looks much much better and precise than waxing.
  • What area of Ct are you in? That may help when making recommendations ....
  • I'm in Southeastern ct but would be willing to drive for a good wax place. Frustrated with the place I've been going to for the past 1.5 yrs.

    I've heard about threading. Never tried it, maybe I will look into it!
  • I have a fantastic salon in Central CT, Art of Touch, that I've gone to for years. But I'd have to imagine there's something along the shore line or at least closer than I am.

    And I've threaded before - I don't dislike it, but I didn't feel it was any better for me.

    Good luck!
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    I go to Naomi's they pluck instead of wax because it's more precise. I have been growing out and reshape mine since July and I still have a long way to go....apparently the threading salon I went to prior had wayyyy over plucked them but I didn't even realize until it was too late. I'd recommend going ASAP because believe it or not it takes a while to reshape in some cases....
  • I go to Esthetique in Hamden and they are AMAZING. It is expensive, I think about $16, but so worth it. They also offer sensitive wax, at the same price, which I always use to keep the redness to a minimum. I also used them for an organic spray tan for my wedding. I think it is made of beet juice, but it works well!

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