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Dislike the idea of "walking down the aisle" - alternatives??


Re: Dislike the idea of "walking down the aisle" - alternatives??

  • Rikki_5 said:
    Why not just elope then?  

    Because I want a ceremony with friends and family, I just don't want to walk down the aisle.
  • I like the idea of mingling with the guests and cuing the ceremony start with candles being lit. One of my friends also had a private ceremony with family only and then a larger reception after -- some people might be sad to miss the ceremony, but I didn't mind at all. Certainly, people will be looking at you all night, but I can certainly see how the whole "walk alone and everyone must be silent and stare at you" part would be nerve-wracking.

    I have a lot of social anxiety too and I understand how having one cocktail would make things easier...as long as you're not doing that every single time you have to talk to people I don't think it's really that big a deal.

    As for the dog part, I'm not a dog person but I did go to a wedding recently that involved a dog, who would just not stop barking the whole ceremony...it was pretty annoying, gotta say.

    Good luck! You'll figure out something that will work for you!
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    Thank you, Selenathegreat for your note. I just want to clarify again that I dont need a drink to intereact with people, but a glass of wine before the ceremony would help a lot I think. This whole situation is ironic because I am a VP in my company and I am acustome to giving presentations and having people look at me when I walk in a room. This whole wedding thing is SOOO different than anything I have done or feel about in my professional life. It's just really putting me outside my level of comfort. Thanks again for the nice note :)
  • I love the candle idea, it sounds beautiful.

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