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  • qmda76 said:

    Anything to do with begging for money - I'm not interested in having at my wedding.  My best friend mentioned that her cousin got married and set up a honeymoon fund website and got quite a bit of money that way and would I like for her to find out how he did it?  I was horrified - no, no, no!  It's not my guests' job to fund my wedding or honeymoon.  If they want to give gifts or cash, great - but I'm sure not going to put my hand out for either!


    I also don't want to do the garter toss...I'm leaning towards not doing the bouquet toss either - as a single woman, I always cringed and hid during that part of receptions.

    Ditto to bouquet and garter toss. I always felt so uncomfortable going up for that. However... I did catch the bouquet at a friend's wedding and then I was the next to get engaged.

    I don't plan on subjecting anyone else to it though.
  • Fairyjen1 said:
        We aren't having one because we are only having a 20 person wedding.These are common in my family, but even if I were having a larger wedding I wouldn't have one. I'm not personally offended by them, but I never participate either. 
       Thing is, even though I KNOW my family would be good with it, there's friends and FIs family that I don't know. So even if 95% of our guests are good with it, since this is an etiquette issue, I wouldn't do it for the 5% that found it offensive. 
    This.  I wish more people realized this.  Even if you think you "know" what many of your guests will think, consider the fact that there are people on your guest list that aren't family and/or you may not know as well.  It's not like the rudeness of the dollar dance (or any other rude wedding thing) comes up in everyday conversation, so the likelihood of you knowing ALL of your guests true thoughts on this are slim to none.
    Don't worry guys, I have the Wedding Police AND the Whambulance on speed dial!
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