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June 2014 brides!....or any other brides looking for accountability partners!


Re: June 2014 brides!....or any other brides looking for accountability partners!

  • Definitely count me in..June 16th 
  • I just got Bridalicious Boot Camp and I'm super excited to tone up for my big day (and all the days after that!) My date is July 26th :) Just sent a request to the group. Hopefully I'm not too late!
  • I'd like to join! Just sent a request!
  • @carters0908 Congrats!  I can't believe how the time is flying....   Feel like you're all set?
  • June 20, 2014 bride here. I'm a vet student that gained a ridiculous amount of weight last in 20 pounds on my 5' frame. I started a Jillian Michael's 14 Day Cleanse & Burn last Sunday and have already lost 6 pounds as a jumpstart, but I definitely need a cheering section and a group to commiserate with over that box of Girl Scout Thin Mints that's taunting me from the kitchen counter. 

    Sending a request...
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  • @offthemarket915 I know seems like everyday I said I was going to start my Bridal beauty and here we are in Febuary and I have done none....I started working out on saturday and say by the 21st if I keep up all my Regimens it should be a habbit.....Im having a Dw so Not to worried bout the particulars of that. What about you are you getting your beauty regimens done.....and where is your wedding.....( I know Its alot but Im excited)
  • I'm June 28 too. What are you doing in the Facebook group for accountability? I did the diet bet thing a few months ago.
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    I'll join. If anybody's on myfitnesspal (it's a great app, if you don't have it you should), I'm bmqbonnie. Please tear me a new one if I skip logging my food. I need to be a lean, mean, clean eating machine! I am pretty much following the current blogilates calendar. When it gets a little closer I will probably switch to Jamie Eason's live fit program on bodybuilder since I do pretty well with weight lifting, but need to cut some fat first. BADLY.
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    @carters0908, I can relate!  I started working out the first week of Jan only to catch a virus that knocked me for a loop for weeks.  It's only been the last week and a half that I was able to get back to working out.  I'm bummed about losing the time but getting there.  

    Good for you, you started and sometimes that's the hardest part!  What kind of work outs are you doing?  I'm doing a combo of classes, yoga and work out dvd's at home.  I recently got the Just Dance xbox workout and love it. I'm sure I look like a total goof but it's fun and works up a good sweat :)

    As for other aspects, our STD will be going out as soon as the custom postage arrives :D    Ours is out of state, so we're giving everyone plenty of notice.

  • I know I'm super late to the game but hoping I can still join. June 14th wedding date and have been so unmotivated. I need to lose 10 lbs at least. :|
  • Can I still join? I'm getting married June 21.
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    I have gained 'Happy weight' as my fiance so lovingly calls it. Since I moved in last July, his mom cooks a lot, and yeah. I'm 5'9, I was 160 annndddd I gained 30 pounds. Thing is I'm really lazy during the winter. We farm, so when farming season starts, I'll get out and about, but we relax in the winter. 

    Thing is, I have to go pick a wedding dress in March. I need to lose weight. Nowish. Sent a request!

    Oh, and my wedding is august 16

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  • Can I still join? June 7th here

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