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Flower Colors

I'm wanting soft romantic vintage colors such as nudes, beiges, soft pinks, greens... But worried about finding them in September. Does anyone know flower seasons and how this might effect my chosen colors? Thanks!

Re: Flower Colors

  • This is a pretty good list. Lots available year-round.

    I'm going with the soft, 'vintagey' colors too and the florist didn't seem too concerned. Some flowers like peonies will just be more expensive in September, but they can be subbed out with similar flowers (I'm going with ranunculus - they're much smaller, and still more expensive in September, but not AS pricey as peonies). This site lists a lot of seasonal prices for specific flowers that should help you get a better idea of what the difference/upcharge might be.

  • Thanks so much for your reply. Very helpful
  • Is your wedding early or late September. In some regions, if you are at the very early of September you may still be able to get late summer blooms which will provide the colour scheme you want. That being said as they are not 'in season' as PP mentioned - you may have to pay.
    Personally, most of my colour scheme is neutrals so I wanted a pop of colour to the bouquet. To keep my costs down - I went with more 'seasonal colours' of circus roses (two toned muted orange), kangaroo paws, berries, euculyptus , leucadenderon and ascelpia to give it more texture.
    You can (in theory) get any flower out of season but you will have to pay significantly more and the quality of flower may not be what you want if you try and get a price break or the supplier does not have a great supply in stock
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