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Something new old borrowed and blue tradition

The final part is a sixpence int he shoe, my Fi got me a sixpence about 3-5 years ago for whenw e got married eventually and now it is happening! I think it was sweet. What were your somethings??

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Re: Something new old borrowed and blue tradition

  • Old - The charm bracelet my parents bought me when I turned. They've gotten me charms for every major life event since.

    New - My dress and most of my accessories

    Borrowed - My mom's original wedding ring (she doesn't wear it anymore)

    Blue - My shoes

    I skipped the sixpence/penny.
  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    Old-bra New-dress and accessories Borrowed-earrings Blue-toenails
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  • Old: A lilies-of-the-valley brooch my grandmother gave my father before she died to give me on my wedding day.

    New: The hairpiece I specially ordered to showcase the pin; also pearl earrings DH gave me on our wedding day.

    Borrowed: I wore my aunt's dress, which was 45 years old, so I guess it was also "old."

    Blue: My engagement ring is a sapphire. I also wore blue underwear, but no one saw those.

    Sixpence: I bought a sixpence on eBay and wore it in my shoe (but I wore ballet flats, so I could tuck it in and not step on it all day.

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  • Blue - shoes and garter
    New - the dress
    Old, borrowed, and the sixpence have been skipped for now.
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  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    Old - Necklace from FMIL's family. It was her great aunts I believe and is very Art Nouveau
    New - The dress, shoes,
    Borrowed - The necklace? Can that count as two?
    Blue- Shoes, my engagement ring has sapphires, the necklace has sapphires, and the hat I'd like to wear has a blue rhinestone pin.  And I might do my nails blue. Might.

    My step-grandma just gave me a penny from my birth year to wear in my shoes as well.

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  • I'm getting married in June, but I already have my somethings! Old-my great great grandmother's engagement ring ring from the late 1800s and my Christenening bonnet turned into my wedding day handkerchief. New-my dress, among other various things. Borrowed- I'll be wearing my FSILs veil. Blue- a TARDIS pinned to the inside of my dress(as well as my bridesmaids, if that counts). My sixpence is coming in tomorrow!
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  • did not have a sixpence, but the others were:
    old: grandmothers handkerchief pinned inside my dress
    new: jewelry
    borrowed: grandmothers rosary wrapped inside my bouquet
    blue: garter

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  • Something old - not sure yet

    Something borrowed - my BFF wants to provide this, not sure what it is yet

    Something new - FI is getting me my jewelry to wear

    Something blue - ordered a charm on a blue ribbon from Etsy with a picture of my dad who died 4 years ago to attach to my bouquet.  I'm also having a heart-shaped patch sewn inside my gown from an old shirt of his, and that shirt was blue.


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  • Still have a little while but I have some planned!

    Old: probably something from Grandma
    New: ring
    Borrowed: ravenclaw tiara from MOH
    Blue: dress
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  • Haven't planned all of them yet, but these are what i have so far:

    old - my grandmother's engagement ring
    blue - I'm wearing blue keds and also the garter is blue (FI's hockey team is the NY Rangers)

    for the sixpence, my best friend found me a 1914 coin, so it'll be 100 years old when we get married in October. She thought that would be cool. :)
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  • Well I have my something borrowed! 

    I went wedding gown shopping on Saturday and my grandmother said she would lend me her diamond solitaire necklace to wear as my something borrowed. 

    I also decided on my something old, which is a pair of diamond earrings my grandmother gave me when I turned 15 which were her since she was very young also. 

    YAY! :) I am happy

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  • My shoes are the New and Blue (soles are blue) Just got them, pretty excited.
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  • Didn't do the sixpence- I had forgotten about that one! 

    Old: my clutch, been using it since I got it for my high school graduation formal (8 years ago)

    New: dress and jewelry

    Borrowed: my MOH's pearl necklance

    Blue: shoes, and my engagement ring center stone is a sapphire
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  • I planned my wedding around my something blue.

    Old: my veil, it was my mom's first communion veil that all my sisters and I wore for ours.
    Borrowed: headpiece and earrings from my sister.
    New: haven't decided, probably buying a bracelet.
    Blue: necklace my little sister made me, it is blue and purple with a peacock feather bead on it.
    Sixpence: FH bought me a Fiji Island sixpence from 1934(I think), since his frat nickname is Fiji.

    All but my something new and my sister's earrings I have and did prior to buying my dress.
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  • My wedding is in August

    Old: Mum's Veil: 22 years old
    New: Dress
    Borrowed: Mum's veil and crinoline skirt (to go under dress)
    Blue: Shoes and Garter
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  • falsarafalsara Northside of Chicago member
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    New: Dress, Veil, shoes

    Old, Blue - I'm taking lace off my Grandma's/ Mothers (they both wore it) dress and dying it blue to wrap around my bouquet.  

    Borrowed and Sixpence - I have no idea what I'm doing for the first and I don't know if I'll be able to, Idk what my shoes look like yet.


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    Old: A bracelet from my childhood.

    New: My wedding gown.

    Borrowed: I haven't decide yet

    Blue: My Tiffany's blue heart necklace my fiancé gave to me in my last birthday.

    Sixpence: I bought a sixpence on eBay .

  • Old...something made from some lace from fmil's wedding dress (she's making it and it's a surprise)

    New...blingy hair clip

    Blue...charm I bought from Etsy

    Borrowed...not sure yet.
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  • I love the idea of a tardis somewhere to represent the blue. I think I may use my tardis necklace around my bouquet. And I will attach old pictures of my parents and grandparents to represent the something old now I need new and borrowed.
  • OLD- I have a strand of pearls from Viet Nam i'll use as a braclet (if 6 years can be considered old) and my Grandma's necklace
    NEW-  Dress and Shoes
    Borrowed- I'm not sure about this one... I need ideas!
    Blue- my Grandma gave me a necklace when I was little that she got when she was 6 (its 96 years old!) (it will be weaved into my flowers)
    and a penny in my shoe!

  • Old: No idea??? I'm not close with either of my grandmothers, so it will probably end up being something related to my parents.  Does my 2000-year-old Catholic faith tradition count?!  lol

    New: Gown, etc.

    Borrowed: Not sure yet - mom suggested I wear the tennis bracelet my dad bought for her after I was born.

    Blue: My garter, and a small silver crucifix (with blue inlay) that FMIL / FFIL got me for a birthday gift.

    Sixpence: An old Deuschmark, since FI & I are both German, and will be spending our honeymoon at Oktoberfest!
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  • Old: Pearl necklace from my parents for college graduation. (My parents have both since passed away)

    New: Pearl earrings

    Borrowed: I'm wrapping my bouquet with one of my dad's handkerchiefs so he can still walk me down the aisle

    Blue: my shoes
  • Old: my mom's pearls
    New: my dress and shoes
    Borrowed and blue: earrings from my mom given to her by my grandfather.
  • My something Old And Borrowed is my grandads wedding ring, if he was still in this world he would have been giving me away so this is my way of walking down the aisle with a Part of him. The ring will be attached to my bouquet with a ribbon. I can cut this to give it back to my nanna after the wedding. My something new is my tiara my best friend has bought me and my something blue is my shoes. I wanted something I could wear again after the wedding! Incidentally, my shoes share the same name as my grandad too which I didn't know until they were delivered! :-)
  • Old: paternal grandmother's ruby ring, maternal grandmother's earrings, my bouquet will be wrapped in lace from my mom's wedding dress
    Borrowed: white clutch that my aunt carried in her wedding to my (now deceased) uncle
    Blue: panties

    Not doing the sixpence thing. Actually hadn't even heard of it until I saw it on The Knot ... must be a regional thing that isn't done where I live?
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