Please HELP with your SUGGESTION for FLORIST !!!!!! Would be greatly appreciated !!!

I am looking for a florist in the BUCKS COUNTY or PHILADELPHIA ( around the north east ) that is affordable !!!! I also need florist In Bucks County or Philadelphia that can do centerpieces with a lot of CRYSTALS and BILNG with a GLAMOUR feel !


  • One of the reasons that I chose to make an appointment with my florist was that I had looked at her blog and saw a wedding that she did that had a lot of bling in the centerpieces.  If you check out her blog, you'll see it under October 2012.  It's a wedding at Ballroom at the Ben.  It's really pretty. That's not what I ended up with though.  I love what she did for me and it had bling in it but not as much. She showed me pictures of other weddings that she did with crystals, and acrylics and rhinestones too, so i know she can do it.  She has even done a wedding with some containers made out of crystals that were really beautiful. She is in Skippack though which is in eastern Montgomery County. It's so close to Bucks County.  She's really worth meeting with because she works with all kinds of budgets and is fine if you buy your own bling for her to use.  And she works all over so location is not a problem.  Good luck!  FYI - If you work with a florist in the suburbs, the sales tax is not as high as in Philadelphia.
  • Jimbosbride, Thank you so so much for you answer :) I am going to call her tomorrow :)
  • You can easily reach her through her website.  Leslie was so good at getting back to me I knew I could rely on her all the time and had no worries.   Just fill in the contact page and she'll return your email with a long explanation of how she works.  Good luck!
  • Thanks for your help :)

    The shop is gorgeous and the owner is SUPER sweet and willing to work with any budget. She gave me two different proposals with different budgets so I could tailor it to find one that fits.
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